Monday 22 December 2014

Getting Away During The Festive Madness.

How are we just three days away till Christmas 2014 already? I remember last Christmas like it was last week! It seems hard to think that nearly 12 whole months have passed by already, and soon we will be there again on the 25th of December, opening presents whilst listening to Christmas songs and smelling the turkey cook away!

This year, more then ever I've really felt the strain of Christmas, not due to money, but everything really! I lost my Grandmother in March, and this will be the first Christmas without her here with us. I'm 24 years old, so effectively I've had 24 years with my Grandmother in my life, to not have her here with us, during a time of year she loved is dawning on me quite badly.

Then there was the house move last month, we're still here and not much better off then when we first moved in! We have luckily been able to get the front room sorted, well there is still finishing touches to be had with that, I've still got to buy the beading for the laminate flooring and there is still one skirting board that needs replacing.

Every year during December I think about getting away and taking the stress out of the big day to make it as enjoyable as possible, a December holiday getaway to Dorset is the ideal version of a perfect Christmas to me! I love Dorset, it's my favourite place to holiday in the UK which is no secret if you've been a reader of Unique Young Mum for some time! I've mentioned my love of Weymouth a few times, and Weymouth of course is in Dorset!

Again, not would I only not have to worry about our living situations, and how I will be able to take some nice Christmas photo's, but I'd also make sure I wouldn't have to cook Christmas dinner! I would spend every single minute of every single hour playing with Spud and his new presents, stopping only to eat dinner that has been cooked for us!

So although I've not booked it just yet, I've been looking at Dream Cottages Dorset, I've found the perfect cottage in the perfect place, but now it's just sorting out dinner and transport! Ideally I'd like it to be just me and Spud, however as I don't drive, I think I might see if a family member is free, after all, who could refuse a December getaway in return for their driving skills?

Are you jetting off this Christmas to take the stress away? Wherever you are, I hope it's a blessed one!

Jada x


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