Tuesday 9 December 2014

How To Make Holly Wreath From Flower Paste

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re going to make a traditional Christmas cake why not spruce it up with some flower paste holly and berries to give that cake some holiday cheer. Holly and berries are fairly easy to make, especially as you can now get pre-coloured flower paste. Of course if you wanted to use normal white paste and colour it yourself that’s fine, but be sure to use paste or gel colours as opposed to liquid colouring for the best results.

Making Your Flower Paste Holly And Berries

The beauty of making holly and berries is that you don’t need a lot of materials or fancy tools, and with the use of a holly cutter you can speed the process up and create luscious holly wreaths in no time.

You will need:

Green flower paste.
Red flower paste.
Holly cutter.
Cooled boiled water.

To make the leaves follow these simple steps:

  1. Dust down your work surface with some icing sugar.
  2. Knead your green flower paste until it’s soft and pliable then roll it out to a depth of about 2mm.
  3. Press out holly leaves with your cutter.
  4. Using the back of a knife or a scoring tool mark in the veins of the holly. Then place them on a rolling pin. This will give them a curved, organic appearance. Set the pin to one side and allow the flower paste to set hard.

 While the leaves are setting you can make the berries. Again this is nice and simple.

  1. Knead your red flower paste and then pinch of small amounts and roll into balls.
  2. Indent the top with a small cross shape using a sharp knife.
  3. Add a tiny amount of green flower paste into the indentation.

Assembling Your Flower Paste Holly Wreath

You can place your wreath around the outside edge of the top of your cake, or if you prefer to make it a smaller topper you can lightly indent the top of your cake with a round cutter and follow the indentation.

  1. Dab a little cooled boiled water to the bottom of each leaf and fix them in place.
  2.  Layer the flower paste holly leaves to give the wreath a full and lifelike appearance.
  3. Once the holly leaves are in place simply attach the berries using some water.

And that’s all there is to making a holly wreath out of flower paste. It’s a quick and simple adornment for a Christmas cake, and you can also use the leaves and berries to top off a cupcake or even biscuits.


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