Friday 19 December 2014

Five Potential New Years Eve Plans

I say it every year around this time of year so it's only normal if I say it again this year, but where on earth has the time gone? How have we filled in nearly 12 months already? I won't lie and pretend that I've enjoyed this year, because I haven't. I lost my nanny in April, Spud had two operations and a health scare, I had 12 weeks of hospital treatment myself, and a horrid house move. That's not even including all the little bits of rubbish that's been thrown in during the months too!

There's no other way of seeing in the new year then celebrating at that very time of the new year approaching, and so, to make me feel a little bit happier about waving goodbye to 2014, I've made a list of five potential plans to celebrate new years eve!

1. Bideford’s Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Extravaganza!

It's very hard to get a baby sitter on New Years Eve and besides, I think it's important to see the new year in with your loved ones, for me, Spud is my number one, so I want to be with him when the very first minute of the new year arrives!

2. Surprise Visit To My Mums!

My mum moved over four hours away in March 2013 to Cornwall, I'd love to pack a bag for me and Spud and go celebrate the new year arrival with my mum, little sister and step dad!

3. Night In!

A quiet night in with me and Spud is the norm, we do it every weekend, so I need to think of ways of how to make New Years Eve different. If I go with this plan, I think I'd get some games out, some munch and try to keep him up till midnight!

4. Family Party!

Although my mum, little sister and step dad don't live local anymore, the rest of my family does including my dad, brothers and sisters and my nephews. It would be great to have us all together to welcome a new year for us all after the loss of our nanny - my dad's mother, besides, I can't remember the last time we all celebrated the New Year together as one big family!

5. Stay In and Go To Bed!

Not that I want this to be the plan at all, but if all else fails, it's an option! You never know, waking up on New Years morning with a fresh head may be what I need!

What plans do you have if any for this New Years Eve?

Jada x


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