Thursday 18 December 2014

One Of The Joys Of Working From Home

A lot of people presume I don't work, they presume I am a 'benefit bum' and that I stay at home all day watching TV shows such as Jeremy Kyle. I am however self employed, I work from home, I don't even watch TV a lot and I am lucky enough to be able to miss Jeremy Kyle. It's just I don't wear a uniform, and I don't have to leave my house to work, well unless there are events of course.

Working from home means I don't have to leave Spud with a random child minder that I don't know, or even a child minder that I do know, I don't believe in after school club's, they go to school for long enough, why keep them there for any longer!? As mentioned before in some previous post, I have traits of attachment parenting, I hate being away from Spud and if truth be told I am even debating on whether or not to even keep him in school! I'd love to home educate him!

I hate it that he's away from me for so long, he wake's up, has his breakfast, watches 20 minutes of TV then it's time to get dressed and go to school. I pick him up at 3pm, we come home, he plays with his toys, watches a little bit of TV, if the weather is good we will go to the park or to visit a family member, then it's dinner time, then bath time, then bed time, I feel like he's not mine during the week! 

Trips to the fair without booking time off work!
Working from home is a real bonus, especially during times of the year like now - Christmas, there's no traffic I have to battle through to get to work each morning and there's no over cramped buses or trains full of last minute Christmas shoppers taking up all the spaces and making the journey difficult. 

Then there's also the fact that I don't have to worry about moving away from our hometown to follow work if it should ever relocate, because my work would only relocate if I relocate, and that could be anywhere in the world. I could walk into an estate agents in St. Albans tomorrow if I wanted too, or I could move to be near my mum in Cornwall, I chose where I work, and when I work, so it's completely acceptable for myself and my attachment issues!

Jada x


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