Thursday 18 December 2014

What's Around The Corner? No One Knows!

If you're reading this post, it means you're alive, which is great isn't it? No one wants to die, not unless its our time. No one even wants to be feeling ill do they? Tell me one person who enjoys being poorly? I can't say I know anyone who likes feeling different to their usual self, and so we try to look after ourselves as best as we can don't we?

Sometimes though, unexpected things happen in life, accidents for example, and sometimes we just get hit down by the poorly bug. My little cousin was run over three years ago at the age of 15, he was taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm, so how he ended up on a life support machine with half of his body filled with broken bones, swelling and fluid on the brain, two collapsed lungs and even more is a miracle he's here.

The local hospital he was took to via ambulance failed him, so did the paramedic and ambulance technician who attended to him on scene, it was only thanks to the second hospital he was emergency transferred to less just a few hours after the accident that he's here with us now. 

Most of the times, hospital's are brilliant, but like everything, you do hear of the hospital negligence claims and stories, you read them in magazines and watch news reports and documentaries on the television, you even see them in person, with yourself or maybe a loved one, and it's not a nice sight at all.

When you think about it, you trust these people, you trust them with your whole body which is essentially life, so you're basically leaving your life in their hands. We do it because they're the professionals, they're the ones who learnt medical subjects for years, attending university and maybe even medical school, that's how they're hear aren't they. They know if and how to make us better, they look after us when we are really poorly don't they?

Sadly though, sometimes life, and government cut budgets mean patients don't get the quality of care they should receive, and then come the neglect stories. Sometimes, one nurse has seen over 20 patients in any one shift, she's tired from the shift the night before, being a mum means she's only had five hours sleep before she was up and ready for another busy and hard working day.

That nurse, has failed to notice something on a patient's sheet, because life is hectic, maybe even because no fault of her own, but it's still neglect, and her employers should face the complaints and have a procedure in place ready for such reports. However, sometimes their way is not the correct way, and we're not happy, or even satisfied with their response, so we take things further.

Life is too precious, you never know what's around the corner, live each day as if its the last and if you need to complain, go ahead and complain! If someone is not here to do it for themselves, then go ahead and report for them, if it's not the correct level of care, why accept it? These people get paid to do their jobs correctly, and so they should!


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