Monday 22 December 2014

Burnt Skin, No Ice Creams and Water Pressure Problems!

When you move home, everything need's getting use too, like the higher ceilings meaning you need a chair to change a light bulb, whereas at your previous property, you could easily reach. Then there's the boiler, you knew how to work and reset the one at your previous property, but this one, it has a separate water tank, I'm not use to this. You knew how to get the perfect temperature on your old shower, but with the one in your new home, you only know how to get it cold and colder.

There's the plug sockets, at your old home, you had a perfect place for everything, at your new home, you hate the placement of the plug sockets and only wish you was an electrician. At your old home, you knew what days and time the ice cream man would visit, at your new home, you see him twice and never again! At your old home you was happy with the water pressure, and at your new home, the pressure, or lack of it leaves you wanting to scream in frustration!

The very first time I turned on the kitchen tap in my new kitchen, I didn't really think about how the kettle was filling up slower than what I am use too. I had quite a few family members who helped me move, and so I needed to make numerous cups of tea and coffee, it's funny really how we don't notice these things until we're using something different. 

It's like the bathroom at my old place wasn't huge, I wouldn't even say it was medium, it was small, but an okay'ish size, the radiator was behind the door, I had room to have a dance if I wanted too, room to fully sit up in the bath without bending my legs, and room for two bathroom cabinets, decorations, the mop bucket and more. Here, the bathroom is super tiny! The hand basin is so small, you can't even put a bar of soap on it to rest! Spud is even too tall for the bath, and the radiator burns your leg every time you use the toilet!

As I was saying, once I started to use the taps a few more times here on moving day, I started to notice the different pattern of how the water would come out, how it seemed there wasn't enough pressure for the water to freely flow out. Now after living here for four weeks, I was pretty sure things seemed a lot smoother at my old property and so done some research.

Although I had a suspicion anyway, I'm not a professional and didn't want to incur charges on myself without being 100% sure of the ''problem'' if any! Taking the relatively easy test on the Water Pressure Problems (link here) website by using a measuring jug and the stop watch on my phone, my suspicions was soon confirmed, I do have water pressure problems.

All I had to do was turn the ''problem'' tap onto full power, and see how long it took for the water to reach the top of my 2 litre jug. I used a stop watch on my phone as I always get side tracked when counting, plus I never know how big a gap to take between each second! I then entered the time it took for the jug to fill, and how many litres the jug was and I was given a diagnosis in less than two minutes!

This is what I love about the internet, not that I say listen to everything you read online, and I would never suggest trying to fix something yourself but a relativity quick and easy test has confirmed a problem, now I can seek help for my problem, knowing the call out cost won't be wasted!

Have you ever moved home? What did you miss the most about your old property?

Jada x


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