Tuesday 9 December 2014

Gift Ideas for a New Born

It will be the happiest moment of your friend or family member’s life so essentially it doesn’t matter what present you get for the occasion as they have just received the best gift anyone can get. However, you will still want to contribute to the occasion and also perhaps give the new addition something which they can look at in the future which marked the special day. A gift for a new born is a gift for the mother, the baby and their future selves. Here are a few ideas for gifts which will live up to this special day.

Flowers are welcome on any occasion but they are especially poignant for a birth. Flowers for a newborn represent how the child will blossom, they will brighten up the home of the new mum and, if you get them from a quality florist, they will displayed to perfectly compliment the occasion. For extra meaning you could choose the flowers which represent the appropriate birth month i.e. carnations for January.

You can be slightly creative with this gift for a new mum and her bundle of joy. Pick and mix objects which will help the mum through those first months (a pack of nappies, muslin towels), fun items for the baby (a teddy bear, teething toys) and some treats which will cheer up the mum (more flowers?!).

A lovely way to mark the special occasion of a new birth is to organise a session with a professional photographer. Most photo studios will be happy to create images which will bring out the family’s personality and perhaps get a smile from the new addition. Your gift can be a voucher for a local studio.

This is a good one for the future. A collection of news stories, pictures of current popular celebrities and important events around the lives of the family in question can be gathered to stick in a scrapbook which will be a fascinating read in years to come. Combine the personal with the historical to make it relevant to the new baby.

Message Book
Here’s a novel idea which allows you to make use of the unprecedented amount of connectivity we have these days. Get in contact with all the people who are likely to play a large part in the new baby’s life – family members and best friends – and ask for three or four paragraphs from each of them about the parents, their lives and what they expect the baby will bring to their lives. If you think some people might struggle with the tasks provide some prompting questions such as; what do the parents mean to you? How do you think the parents will handle the new responsibility? Try to imagine the baby’s 21st and the situation of everyone’s lives at that point and how different they will be to how they are now.


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