Tuesday 9 December 2014

3 Ways to Get More Mum Stuff Done

Being a mum is like being a whirlwind capable of juggling balls, riding a bike and baking cookies all at once. It's a seemingly impossible task yet somehow you manage to keep all those plates spinning and everyone happy (the majority of the time). Yet, being a mum doesn't leave a whole lot of time left over to simply be “you”. What with the day spent attending to everybody else's whims and concerns, it's easy to forget that you're due you a little time out too.

Getting mum stuff done as quickly and efficiently as possible is the name of the game. Thankfully Unique Young Mum's aiming for exactly that, there are a few ways to help you work towards that exactly.

Invest in Useful Kitchen Appliances

For the amount of time a mum spends in the kitchen it may as well be another bedroom. Cooking, cleaning, preparing meals and otherwise making sure everyone gets together and communicates, the kitchen is central to most of the family action. For mum's looking to lighten their load here, investing in useful kitchen appliances is the definite way forward.

Although purchasing and installing great time saving devices like dishwashers, tumble dryers and fridge freezers can be costly, keeping them in check, well maintained or even replacing them with well functioning second-hand items is just as effective. It’s not rocket science how most of kitchen appliances work, hence they can be properly maintained with simple DIY jobs. For instance, leaks and other problems arising from washing machines and other water-fed appliances can be short listed and tackled efficiently if you know where and what to look for. For the mum who spends time making sure appliances like this do the job they're supposed to, much more free time is destined to come her way.

Implement Rest & Independent Play Time

Setting rigid rules with your children doesn't mean you have to be tyrannical or unfair, it just means that you get to teach consistency and discipline, while also giving you the opportunity to shore up more time to get other things done or to simply relax.

Spud enjoying reading a book at our old home.

Implementing rest hours, dedicated times where your child is required to lay down in bed or on the floor and do quiet activities like reading or watching things, can be really useful for giving you a bit of time away from them. Likewise in entrusting them to play independently, if a little older.

Enlist Help

Sharing is part of family life and you should be teaching your children that helping out is part of the game of growing up. Having your children help you with chores around the house, or further still your spouse or any other adult member living at home, means you can get the brunt of the chores done faster.

Spud helps me on a weekly basis, by tidying his room and arts and crafts corner.

You might be surprised at how enthusiastic children can be about loading the dishwasher, removing clothes from a tumble dryer, hoovering the floors or helping out in the garden. The only way to find out is to simply put the idea to them and ask that they try it out, then, depending on how it goes, you can decide to do it more consistently.

Getting things done as a mum is always a tricky prospect. Hopefully with some of the aforementioned tips at your disposal you'll be well on your way to enjoying a little more time for things other than mum work.


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