The School Holidays Are Over - A Rant

My baby went back to school yesterday, after 6 wonderful weeks off it was a mixed emotion day for the both of us. I was missing him just thinking about him being back to school, whilst he couldn't wait to go and see his friends. 

I have a mixed emotion on schools as it is, I hate the fact that they are stealing my baby for 6 hours 5 times a week, you add that up and that's 30 hours a week of my boys life I'm missing out on. On average children start nursery when their 3 and now because of the law change they will not leave education until their 18. You may be thinking 6 hours is nothing, but look at it this way, if I wake Spud up at 7, he has his breakfast at 7:30, washes, watches a little bit of tv then gets dressed ready to leave for school at 8:30am, he finishes at 3, by the time we get home its half 3. After he changes from his school uniform and has a snack its soon approaching 4, one hour free then I start doing dinner, come 6-6:30 dinner is ready, then its bath time and getting ready for bed. The same routine happens Monday-Friday.

I recently read somewhere the government are thinking of making children go to school 8am-8pm, over my dead body will my child be going that early and leaving that late, eating dinner which will be a cold packed lunch because the school dinners are a load of crap with the same people he has had lunch with. By the time we will get home it will be late and dark if not on the way to becoming dark, depending on the seasons.

So to the idiot/s who thought this idea up, if your reading this you should know that I have one wish for you and that is to f**k off, no way will you be stealing my baby for any longer then what you do. Yes he is being taught, and I appreciate that, but due to all the illigal immigrants and over stayers and gosh knows who we have over crowding Britain our children don't get the one on one they should get. The same goes to the NHS, its not the school's or NHS fault though is it, its the IDIOTS in charge AKA the Government!

I cant wait for the next elections to come round, I will be voting Labour as I always do, and I hope all the people who had a bump to their head last time the big ones came around have realised that voting for the current party was a big big mistake!

Ohh and before you start throwing around the racist word, Spud's father was an asylum seeker, I have nothing against people coming here, but we need to draw a line somewhere don't we. There is 25 people in a 2 bedroom house, over crowded as it is and they plan on getting another 3 over on a lorry any day soon.

Its the Government I tell ya!


  1. From the way I read it, it will be After School clubs stating open until 8pm not the actual school, although for teens I think it would make more sense. Trying to get mine out of bed at 7am is an utter nightmare.
    Something has got to give, as all this has come about because of lack of affordable childcare. People's jobs have changed, if you hae a job that fits in with school hours then you're in the minority and many jobs now require shift work or flexible working as hours are longer thanks to demand!!
    Personally I would like to see a shorter summer holiday and have more "half term" type holidays, as it costs a fortune to fund six weeks childcare!
    As for voting Labour in, I'll agree to disagree as they put the country in this sodding mess to start with!!

    1. I think if its for teenagers then 8pm is fine, otherwise I don't. We all have our own opinions I personally wouldn't like Spud to be going to school for even the 6 hours a day he already does.

      That's very true Kara, I think Employers should be more flexible with Parents, as a child, we only saw my Dad on weekends, he would be at work before we woke up and finish work that night when we was sleeping, he use to do 14 hour shifts. Maybe this is why I hate not spending quality time with Spud.

      A lot of children want to leave home around the age of 18, I'm thinking he is going to leave school and then leave straight away. As for me, I can plan for when he's older.

      Childcare prices are an absolute joke! Watching figures recently it got me wondering to as who is actually benefiting in the situation, surely not the child care providers staff.

      I have to agree with that to a percentage, that's very true in regards to Labour. I do however blame them all, they all work together under different sectors they need to stop thinking about just the rich and help the whole country.

      Jade :)