Friday 29 August 2014

A Guide to Taking the Perfect Selfie!

Who knew that taking a photograph of yourself would become such a massive craze? In fact, it’s become such a big deal that the word ‘selfie’ has now been added to the Oxford dictionary. So how can you get in on the act?

Here’s a simple guide to taking the perfect selfie…

Make sure it’s you who takes the photo
So often you see photos described as a selfie when actually it’s just a normal photograph taken by someone else entirely. It’s called a selfie for a reason; you take it yourSELF! Don’t go passing a normal photo off as a selfie or you’ll be sent to the depths of photography hell until the end of time.

Don’t just take it of your face
Unless you’re showing off a new lip gloss or badass scar, we need a little more to the selfie than just your face. Either get someone else in on the picture or take it so we can see where in the world you are.

Be mindful of where you are
If you’re going to take a selfie then think about where you are. We don’t want to see your bathroom or the inside of a toilet cubicle in a nightclub.

Beware of photobombers
This can work one of two ways. Either someone photobombing your selfie will completely ruin it or if it’s a particularly brilliant photobomb then you could become an internet sensation. These Australian hockey players were photobombed by none other than the Queen!

The better the location, the better
We’ve already mentioned that we don’t need to see the inside of toilet cubicles in your selfies, so try and make the location as amazing as possible to make your selfie stand out from everyone else’s. Take a leaf out of this guy’s book who took a selfie at the top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Consider where the Sun is
Proper photography tip here. When taking your selfie, think about the position of the Sun. If the Sun is directly behind you then it will make you look like a silhouette and you won’t be able to make out your face. Conversely, if it’s directly in front of you then you’ll probably be squinting. Try and have the sunlight coming from one side if you can.

Use a front facing camera if possible
Most selfies are spontaneous and are therefore perfect to take using the camera on a smartphone. What’s really handy, however, is if your smartphone has a front facing camera. If it does then you can actually see your end result before you take the photo. Most front facing cameras aren’t as good as the normal camera though, so it might impair the quality a little.

Immortalise your selfie
Once you’ve taken your selfie you then need to immortalise it and make sure everyone in the world sees it. Obviously you’ll need to post it up on Facebook and Instagram (once you’ve chosen your filter, obviously) but if it’s a particularly good selfie, then you could always use a service such as Zippi and whack it on a mug/t-shirt/mousemat/cape/etc.

Do you have any tips that I've not mentioned? Please feel free to leave a comment below!
Jada x