Monday 4 August 2014

6 Ways to Keep the Kids Cool During a Summer Heatwave!

British summer is well underway and the weather is swinging dramatically between torrential rain and glorious sun. We’ve been in luck this year with long stretches of brilliant sunshine, so here’s a guide to keeping your kids cool and hydrated during a heatwave:

Spud's just about to drink a sugar free blackcurrant drink at this family BBQ.

Keep Hydrated
Dehydration is a big risk during hot days when kids are running around; it’s very easy for them to be affected and it can be very dangerous if they are. Offer drinks to your kids and their friends regularly to ensure they are well hydrated. Try to avoid very sugary drinks, instead choosing water or low-sugar drinks.
There are a few ideas for low-sugar drinks kids will love. Freezing watered-down fruit juice into homemade ice-lollies is a great way of sneakily giving them extra liquids.
Spud enjoying a ice lolly treat on a day fun day out.
Frozen Treats
Moving on from homemade ice-lollies, experiment with other favourite treats by freezing them. Snacks such as Petits Filous Frubes and Chocolate Mousses can be frozen and popped in the freezer for a twist on the childhood favourites.
Grapes freeze brilliantly – just wash and pat them dry before laying them out on a tray and popping into the freezer. Once they are completely frozen they can be put into freezer bags for easy storage.
Plan Some Sitting Down Activities
While it is in the nature of many children to run around like headless chickens, it’s important for them to enjoy some quieter games as well. Make a back garden tee pee with the kids to give them a place to sit and cool down in the shade after more active games. Pop a few of your kids’ favourite books, toys and games in the tee pee to encourage them to chill out.
Spud loves outdoor swimming pools!
Go Swimming
Nothing cools down little and big kids alike like a plunge in a pool. Cold water can help keep the body temperature regulated so kids and adults will feel cooler. It’s still important to apply sun cream while in the pool though, especially on exposed areas such as the head, face and shoulders.
All Round Fun has a range of swimming pools in all shapes and sizes, and at the moment they’re offering 25% off the lot.
Get Up Early
Don’t let the kids fall into the routine of sleeping until late and then playing outside at midday. On very hot days, encourage them to play for a few hours before coming inside for lunch, and follow that with a few hours of indoors activities. After about 5pm, open the doors and get back outside.
Go Camping
Some kids find it hard to sleep indoors during the summer months due to the heat, leading to restless nights and cranky days. Get the camping stuff out and enjoy the wilderness. Or your back garden. The majority of homes are designed to retain heat, so can be overbearingly warm during the summer months. A few nights in the tent can be great for bonding and help everyone get a cooler night’s sleep.
I'd love to hear of any idea's and tips you may have, please do feel free to leave a comment below!
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