Saturday 16 August 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown - Day 3

Spud's recently had a lot of his hair chopped off at the barbers and is now sporting a rather cool looking Mohican! Mummy on the other hand is not allowed no hair changes during her treatment, so I've been donning my pink 80s wig around the house just for the little change! I'm going to a 80s festival tomorrow and will be sporting the wig outside then, eek wish me, or rather my funky hair good luck!

This series concentrates on Free the Moshlings which is all a bit of a big secret at the moment! The website will be officially live on the Series 11 release date which is 29th August, in the meantime make sure to check back here every day for a daily release of another brand new Moshling!

Name: Troy
Rarity: Common

Troy the Macho Minotaur is a protective, obstinate and a tough bullheaded Moshling who was once employed by ancient monsters to stand guard over the huge Rox hoard stored in the maze beneath the Puzzle Palace. This Macho Minotaur make's a living selling by selling his fast-growing hair to wig makers or performing in Moshi panto's! We're thinking with the quick growth of his hair he may play Repunzel personally! 

Troy - the Moshi with the beautiful name loves mazes and classical theatre but won't willing go near hair clippers or anything pink!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for day four of the Moshi Monster Series 11 Countdown Reveal where I should be revealing a brand new Moshling to you all!


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