Friday 1 August 2014

Saving for the unbeknown future.

Every day of our lives involve spending money in some way or the other, if we're not parting with cash, using our cards or seeing a direct debit deducted from our accounts we're being charged daily for food, water, gas, electric, our phones and even the air we breath in.

I do try to be wise with my money and I do worry about the way the system seems to be going, we seem to be dipping in and out of a recession and everything seems to be increasing, bar our money.

I feel the effect of the total on the screen due for my weekly shopping at the supermarket, I feel the effect of the £5 I have to part with for a bus three times a week for me and Spud to get around, and I feel the effect of the never ending list of presents he's got on his Christmas list.

I sometimes wonder how I would manage with a second child? I already work enough hours, some unpaid for just to get us through an average week. With very little pennies left over being a single mum, I sometimes do worry about the chance of me ever loosing my job over night.

We're a lucky country with a benefit system to fall back on in emergency cases, and that's all it should be for in my eyes, emergencies and for the disabled. I've been on benefits and lived through the struggle of deciding on weather to buy some Andrex toilet roll, or a multi-pack of four Heinz baked beans and a loaf of bread. I've had to rely on the system and I tried to make it the shortest period I could. I'm grateful for the help we can receive, but it's not a lifestyle I choose to lead.

I try to think ahead when it comes to money and Spud, I've heard that the legal school leaving age is now 18, and then I wonder if Spud would wish to go onto university, learn how to drive, or even want to leave home (that turned me inside out writing that sentence).

I try my hardest to put away at least £5 a week into mine and Spud's savings accounts, I don't always manage it but I try to get at least £20 a month into his account. I also like to have a little bit of money saved up each month in my account to treat the pair of us, although Spud gets treated on a weekly basis! 

I'd like to think that by the time Spud reaches 18, or maybe even 21 he would have a little bit of money in his his savings account should he need it. Or maybe he'll go straight into work and add to that money himself. After all it would just be a little welcome into the adult work, I'd of course like him to have as much as possible, and I hope within time I am able to increase the amount I put away for him on a monthly basis.

Have you thought about the future for your children and even yourself? Do you have any tips for me? My mum gave me a good one this morning and told me to save up any pennies in a spare pot, and when it's the end of the month, take them pennies and loose change into the bank and add the balance to Spud's account! They do say every little penny helps so this is one way I am going to try and save a little but more for him! You'll be seeing me pick up every penny I find in no time!

Until next time,
Jada x


  1. We have had such an expensive month! I was sitting down and redoing the budget last night to try and get us back on track so that we can afford Christmas! BB is surprisingly good at finding money. We do the same, collect it up in his money box and take it to the bank. It is adding up, slowly