Monday 18 August 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown - Day 5

I never thought in all my years Spud would of asked me the question he did over the weekend just gone! Sitting on my laptop and reading up on the character bio's, he discovers one has a love for music, the next thing I know he's asking me to take this darling little Moshling along to the 80s Rewind Festival with me!

This series concentrates on Free the Moshlings which is all a bit of a big secret at the moment! The website will be officially live on the Series 11 release date which is 29th August, in the meantime make sure to check back here every day for a daily release of another brand new Moshling

Name: Fusty
Rarity: Ultra Rare!

Fusty the Fabled Fungi is a groovy, youthful, mellow, old, beardy and wise Moshling who is goopendously young at heart! Fusty is too busy raving to worry or bother about shaving! Whilst Fusty come's from Friendly Tree Woods, you'll often find him zoning out at Moshi music festivals and events!

Fusty loves backstage passes and glamping but doesn't like squares or toasted toadstools! Considering I knew how much Fusty loves music and festivals, Spud let me take him along to the 80s Rewind Festival yesterday, both myself and Fusty had a excellent time!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for day six of the Moshi Monster Series 11 Countdown Reveal where I should be revealing a brand new Moshling to you all!


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