Friday 22 August 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown - Day 9

I've been dealing with a deluded customer service agent on the phone for the last half hour, I decided due to the holding song I've been played repeatedly in the ear constantly that I'd crack on with today's character reveal, only to discover this one is quite deluded too! I can't win can I!

This series concentrates on Free the Moshlings which is all a bit of a big secret at the moment! The website will be officially live on the Series 11 release date which is 29th August, in the meantime make sure to check back here every day for a daily release of another brand new Moshling!

Name: King Brian
Rarity: Ultra Rare!

King Brian is a regal, deluded and snooty Dandy Lion who loves hanging out on cardboard thrones at Barmy Swami Jungle! King Brian has convinced himself he is a descendant of Emperor Meow, the legendary Regal Roarer who once ruled over King Brian's favourite jungle!

King Brian loves wearing Twistmas (yes, Twistmas!) cracker crowns, shaking paws, tinfoil medals and waving it strangers but doesn't like commoners and press intrusion! 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for day 10 of the Moshi Monster Series 11 Countdown Reveal where I should be revealing a brand new Moshling to you all!


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