Monday 1 September 2014

Creative Lunchbox Idea's With Capri-Sun Fruit Crush and Bento.

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With the back to school term approaching any day this week, this post is all about creative pack lunches and how to get the right food into your children. For me, packed lunches and school dinners cost around the same amount of money as I pay for Spud's dinners at school without any financial help, so to me, what's important is giving my child something he enjoys to eat on a weekly basis. I popped along to our nearest supermarket today to stock up on the lunchbox essentials and hope to give you all some lunchbox ideas.

Spud started going off packed lunches eating the same style of lunches everyday, so with the latest Bento craze doing it's rounds, I stocked up on some Bento items and started giving them a go. What both me and Spud love about Bento is the endless ideas and possibilities available out there! I have started practising sushi style lunches for Spud, to get more goodness into his lunches!

I'd make a lunch up for Spud with a sandwich mainly consisting of jam, cheese, tuna with cucumber and sometimes ham, I'd also add in some fruit (Spud is a very good fruit and vegetable eater so I don't have to worry about what kind of fruit although he does have his favourites), a savoury snack - mostly cheese, a little sweet treat and also a separate Bento box filled with a packet of crisp with lunchtime. I'd add two drinks into his lunch bag, one for break-time and one for lunchtime.

Spud's lunch is a typical lunch box for school aged children; a sandwich, a treat snack, some fruit, a savoury snack, some crisp and a juice drink. I do try to get the recommended five portions of fruit and veg into Spud every day but do admit that sometime's its difficult do so. I've now found a easier way to help me on the days I struggle thanks to the Capri-Sun Fruit Crush variety with one small pouch equalling to 1 of the 5 a day recommended portions.

Capri-Sun Fruit Crush juice drinks contain a impressive 25% spring water and 75% juice whilst remaining as tasty as the usual Capri-Sun juice drinks. Capri-Sun Fruit Crush is available to buy in three different flavours; Apple and Pear, Apple and Blackcurrant and Tropical and all three are currently on offer at Tesco (in my store the lunchbox drinks are located down the squash and canned drinks aisle) for £1.32 for five cartons (down from £2).

Spud happily showing you all the aisle where we found the drinks!
With the Capri-Sun Fruit Crush drinks being 100% compliant with the School Food Standards I've stocked up on a few boxes of each flavour to hopefully last me through this new school term, however I'm finding the stock pile becoming lower and lower as Spud enjoys them so much he's been helping himself to them at home!

Some of you may argue about fruit juice and I think that's perfectly fine, that's your opinion as I have mine. However I'd just like to say that during the school day, apart from lunch time all the children are allowed to drink is water, school hours are quite long, and so it's nice to give Spud a break from drinking plain water, something refreshing and also quite healthy at the same time!

Also thanks to the #CapriSunSchool hash-tag I've been able to pick up some great tips for other refreshing uses with the Capri-Sun Fruit Crush drinks including freezing the pouches and giving your child a secret slushy drink whilst enjoying their lunch at school as they start to defrost.

Do you have any lunchbox ideas you'd like to share? Please do leave a comment below!

Jada x


  1. We really enjoyed this #shop. Aaron doesn't start full days till tomorrow and he will start off with school dinners, but he's been using his lunchbox every day at home and got through 2 boxes of Capri-Sun so fast I had to buy more today x