Friday 26 September 2014

How to Make a Fun Filled Bedroom for Your Child

Sometimes decorating your child’s room can be real headache. Juggling practicality, creativity and outright fun is a difficult task, and one that many parents find difficult. Although having your child’s input into the decorating process can be enlightening, the fun, open ended and wonderful minds that we love and adore can often throw forth some rather impractical ideas, especially if you’ve only got a small budget. To help out the process of decorating, here are some fun, interesting ideas you can employ in your next diddy DIY project!

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When it comes to furniture, it’s not difficult to balance the fun with the practical. Lots of children love bunk beds; having a high up point of view is something children usually lack, so perhaps this is why bunk beds, allowing kids to sleep and hang out in more vertical surroundings, are high up on kids’ lists when it comes to decorating. With these, you can either go for the traditional wooden, flat pack bunk beds, easy and often cheap, especially from online bed specialists; or go all out, crafting a bespoke bunk bed that is built into the room itself. Both former and latter have the potential to allow you to inject style into the room, whilst keeping your child very happy indeed!

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Having ‘centerpieces’ within your children’s rooms that can act as modes of play, or as general furnishings, can also make rooms fun and sensible. Take the above image, where a climbing ladder, affixed to heavy duty fixtures running across the ceiling, brings physical fun, plus a style and colour scheme that works great with the surrounding room and d├ęcor. If you want to encourage your child to read, or they already have the reading bug, a suspended hanging chair can be a great bedroom addition, both modern and allowing for educational development.

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Decorating the walls of your child’s room is an aspect of design where practicality really needs to shine through; they’re not going to be that young forever, and as such gaudy, incredibly child friendly colours and designs will come back to haunt you when you have to redecorate for your teenager in the future. In the above image, vibrancy and fun is created using bedspreads, furnishings and posters, leaving the modern and rather subdued tan walls acting as more of a canvas for continual, piecemeal change that need not signal a huge redecoration in the future. Whites, tans, greys and pastels will all work great for your child’s room.


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