Tuesday 23 September 2014

How To Be The Best Maid of Honour Ever

Being picked as a Maid of Honour for a friend, is, well an honour! But, get ready, it is a demanding role that requires you to put someone else first on a massive scale. It can be hugely rewarding if you get it right – so I’ve put together a few tips on how to make sure you are the best Maid of Honour ever!

1.      Putting the Bride First

Putting the bride first is the chief role of the Maid of Honour. One common faux pas is getting yourself dressed on the day, before the bride is ready. Often as the Maid of Honour you’re ready to get dressed before the bride, but you must make sure the bride is ready before you even touch your dress!

The same applies throughout the rest of the wedding planning, and of course the day itself. Your number one priority is making sure that the bride is happy, and that her needs are being taken care of.

2.      Organising the Hen Night

There’s a lot of pressure on the hen night, but it doesn't have to all be on you – get the other bridesmaids involved, and even the brides mother to ensure that everyone is happy with the plans.

Consider a yoga retreat or a spa getaway – somewhere where you can relax and be pampered in the day, but have a good time at night if you feel up to it! A yoga retreat will help with the stress around the wedding, and leave everyone feeling much healthier and more relaxed for the run in to the big day!

Most of all though, make sure what you plan is what the bride would want to do, and make sure she has a great day.

3.      Helping With the Planning

As the Maid of Honour you’ll be expected to be involved with planning all sorts of bits of the wedding itself.

It’s best to get clued up on some of aspects you might be giving an opinion on in advance. Look knowledgeable by suggesting entertainment for the day like Oliver B, a music agency like Essence, and a photographer from a site like Find a Wedding Photographer.

It’s important to look like you’ve done your research so that you can make sensible suggestions that make sense with the wedding plans being put in place.

4.      Gifts For The Bride

The whole build up and day is about the bride, but you should still be looking for extra ways to make her feel special. Perhaps get her a bouquet delivered by Floric to say thanks for being given the privilege of being Maid of Honour for her big day?

Or maybe you want to go that extra mile, and pay for her bridal makeup and/or her bridal hair? A gift I'm sure she'll really appreciate to cut down on the final cost!

Also, think of something you can give the bride on the morning of the wedding that she can treasure and keep in her memory box. Something personalised, or something that is personal to your relationship would be the most emotional, and therefore best gift you could give.

Good luck being Maid of Honour – it can be stressful, but it’ll all be worth it in the end!