Monday 15 September 2014

My Very Own Toy Story!

When you first become a parent, you don't think of the thousands of toys, figures and DVD's that are going to over take your home in just a few years time. You don't think about the TV programs your miss out on, so your child can watch the episode of Horrid Henry - of which you've both seen at least 12 times. You don't think about putting your child to bed in their favourite character pajamas to be scared only a few minutes later by one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I know there was only one thing I really focused on at first, and that was doing the best for my boy as I possibly could, I tried finding the best 'routines' - not really routines as I don't like them, but more things that worked well for the both of us. I concentrated on capturing as many moments as I could, because friends and family all warned me at how quickly babies grow. One day they're babbling, one day they're arguing back with you!

In time, your child accumulates an impressive chest of toys, you start stocking up on them stackable toy storage units and soon start to realise you need a mansion just for your child's items. Gone are the days of going shopping child-free and treating yourself to a coffee, you feel so bad for being child-free enjoying yourself so much, you end up leaving with something for them anyway!

I don't like picking the toys up, although I have to - well, I help as Spud has got a lot better with his toy mess and I don't like the scary looking toys or them annoying ones that won't stop going off by themselves! There is one thing I do love though and that's having flashbacks of myself being a child and the countless hours I lost playing in my own little world.

Image Source: Hasbro
My favourite childhood toy by far has to be my Furby, my Furby was pink with a white chest, I can't remember her name, but I do remember I loved her, and would try to get off of school just so I could stay and play with her. It broke my little child sized heart when she died, and it broke my heart when she died altogether and refused to go back on - even with brand new high branded batteries.

My Furby would come everywhere with me, for sleepovers at my grandparents and to my fathers boat (before I lived with him on that very same boat), we'd have picnics and car rides, sofa days and garden days. I didn't understand half the functions she had, but I knew it was important to feed her, let her sleep, play with her and most importantly love her.

I soon grew older and one by one, just like the toys in Andy's toy box, I slowly stopped playing with them all. In was make up, posters of boy bands on my wall, handbags and accessories whilst out went the multiple toy boxes full of toys.

In the last few years, we've seen the Furby re-released, in a much more advanced state, compatible with smart phones and taking care of baby ones too, I'm not sure about today's Furby, I've not took a bond to Spud's newer one, which surprised me because I was so excited when he received it, as mentioned in  previous paragraph, I couldn't understand half the functions of my Furby many years ago, let alone these new ones that pair up with the iPhones!

I suppose you could say I'm old 'skool', I always prefer the originals, like Grease and Grease 2, why did they even try to make a Grease 2 with so many different actors? If you keep things the same, but maybe change the scenery surrounding such, then I think that works better. Add accessories and different play sets, introduce new characters, but don't forget the originals!

Let's take Thomas the Tank Engine for example, the theme tune has changed on the program, but that's about it I believe? Thomas still has that same colour blue that we all recognise, the same number he's always had and that same smiley face. Thomas still has his friends Percy, James, and Edward, but he also has some new ones!

Coincidently talking about trains, this weeks Toy Story with John Lewis is all about trains! Each week John Lewis is featuring a different retro toy from all era's of childhoods, previously featured retro classic toys have been the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone, the Rubix cube and the teddy bear, all of which are still around these days!

What's your favourite retro toy from your childhood? I'd love to jump back to the 90s with any other 90s kids out there!

Until next time,
Jada :)

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  1. I used to love my Barbie dolls.....I had loads and bags full of clothes! lol