Saturday 13 September 2014

My Perfect Office Competition

The lovely folk over at LondonOffices are currently holding a competition for bloggers to win Made vouchers, for all the requirements including terms and conditions, do check out the website! For now, this is my competition entry, of which I hope you all enjoy!

When resourcing information for my entry, I found it quite difficult to find items that suited my needs. At home, the office is my bed, my sofa or my dressing table, I've even sat in the playroom before working, wherever there is space, I'll work - I do have one BIG condition though - the space has to be comfortable!

With that in mind, I knew my dream office would have to be comfortable, warming and colourful, three characteristics from my life that I would need to take to work with me! I attend the hospital three days a week and stare at blank white walls, with the dullest of chairs and scenery facing me, I've started to embrace colour lots more since I started my treatment, I've always been warming and I've always loved my comforts.

The competition deadline is the 14th of September, so I've not done a full design as I hoped, including a function/meeting room and the bathroom. In my defence I only found out about the competition yesterday (Friday the 12th) but I have been able to put together my dream office reception area, the actual office area itself and the staff/dining room.


The Reception Area

When I walk into office reception area's, I'm usually asked to wait due to me being super early, which of course I don't mind, I do however want to be comfortable and relaxed in the area and prefer refreshments when I'm ready and not first thing on my arrival. I take in rooms in every detail, the flooring, the ceiling, the walls, the furniture, decorations and accessories so to me, everything would need to be covered.

Style: Modern & Comfy
Colours: White and Browns.

Walls: Brick wallpaper from ILoveWallpaper
Flooring: Brown floor tiles with glitter from Crown Tiles.
Lighting: Fan style lights from John Lewis.

Sitting Furniture: Comfortable but stylish pieces from Natuzzi and Solutions-4.
Reception Desk: Circular reception desk from Office Furniture Box.
Accessories: Magazine/newspaper rack from Houzz and ClockClock in White.

Beverages: Douwe Egberts BeMoved coffee machine and Brita built in wall water dispenser.


The Work/Office Area

I've worked from home for two years  now, I know how easy it is to lose concentration, maybe I am easily distracted, who knows? Working for me would be fun, as you will see in the next section, but a business means business, and business isn't going to get done if you have eye appealing features, no skyscrapers with amazing views - sorry but that proposal and parachuting jump you just witnessed was time away from work, precious time as time is precious!

Leading from the reception area would be white and brown stairs taking you up to the office/working area. I would also have a elevator for disable access not discriminating any staff just because the way we get around! Just because I believe we're never too old for some fun, I'd have a slide next to the staircase - for visitors and workers of course!

Style: Modern & Stylish
Colours: White and Blue.

Walls: White painted walls.
Flooring: Blue floor tiles with glitter from Crown Tiles.
Lighting: Blue hanging ceiling lights from Sparks Direct.

Office/Desk Furniture: Partitioned blue screen, white desk found on Strong Project and blue & white office chairs from The Back Store.

Accessories: Blue floating shelves from Houzz.

File Storage: White sliding file/bookshelf system from ANTMP.


The Staff Room/Lunch Area.

Lunch and break times are most probably every workers favourite time, no matter what type of working environment you're in. It's a time to relax your mind, have a lunchtime meal and a break from the work you've been working on. In all the jobs I've had, the staff rooms and surroundings have been so boring, I've usually gone out for lunch.

If you worked for me in my office, unless you had a lunch date, or was after a certain favourite coffee, there really would be no need to have to venture out! If lunch time wasn't my workers favourite time before they worked for me, I'm pretty sure it would be once they see the room of fun!

Style: Modern & Fun!
Colours: All the colours of the rainbow and more!

Walls: Lego stud walls, the Lego creations would be endless!
Flooring: Black floor tiles with glitter found on Polyvore.
Lighting: Mood lights from Wedgroup.

Dining Items: Colourful chair, table and bench designs from Spaceist.
Relaxing Furniture: This pod featured complete with a TV was designed by student John Snodgrass, I don't know why they're not on the market yet, but I'd buy them! I'd also have lots of bean bags scattered around ready to be dived on!

Kitchen Items: Silver kitchen units containing cupboards along with accessories including a kettle, toaster, microwave, dishwasher, sink area and even a cooker. I'd also have a big American fridge from Samsung, again in silver - just because I've not got room for one at home!

Accessories: Wooden Lego style toy boxes from Houzz filled to the brim with Lego bricks! I'd also have staff lockers, that would need to be designed by a company from my idea's as none out there designed already really fit in with my fun and unique idea!

Fun: Along with the pod mentioned above, I'd have a chess table from PBS and a candy station from Rosetta - just because you're never to old for sweeties and fun! I'd have a 70inch television, with subscription TV and a DVD and book library, with thousands of films, cartoons and books!


Well, I hope you like my dream office design as much as me, I'd just like to say thanks to LondonOffices for running such a fabulous competition, and I wish myself and all the other entrants the very best of luck! Don't forget to check out the LondonOffices website yourself for your chance to be involved!

Remember that smiles, laughter and fun is for anyone of any age. Sing like nobody's listening, dance like nobody's watching and remember you're never too old for a little bit of fun!

Until next time,
Jada xx


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