Friday 30 November 2012

Omzak, The Space Cat Warrior Book Review

Omzak is a children's book character, who adults have also taken to heart. He was created by Jaylen Grace, a freelance writer, author and international Life Coach, released in October 2012 Omzak is a great book for older children this Christmas.

''Hello. The name's Omzak, Captain Omzak. There are two things you should know about me:

1. I am THE best space cat warrior on Planet Catopia and in the whole universe. 
2. I hate germs.

A while back I broke a peace treaty by getting into a fight with a stinking, scumbag ape-like Varian who had dared to set foot in our territory. Now, I'm being punished. They're sending me to England, Planet Earth. My mission? To blend in with those backward Earth cats, find myself a human so I can be their pet, and learn to be humble. And I just bet it's going to be filthy down there. Eew!

Join Captain Omzak on this intergalactic adventure, in which he meets a little girl called Jodie and becomes Earth's first feline martial arts coach. The race is on for Captain Omzak and his newfound Earth cat friends to solve a catnapping mystery and defeat a sinister enemy lurking in the woods!''

Omzak is an arrogant space cat warrior who's banished to Earth to learn how to become more humble. His punishment includes living amongst four legged domestic cats and finding someone to take him in as a pet. Not Omzak's idea of a good time - especially since to communicate with Earth cats - he has to remember the language of Meows. Even with Jodie, the girl whose pet he becomes, his insistence to prove he's the best continues and lands him into more and more hot water as the story unfolds.

When I agreed to review this book I was new on the blogging scene and was happy to accept any review I could get my hands on, I really should of done a bit of digging. The book itself is fab but it lacks in photo's and Leo loves picture books, the book is suited for older children in my opinion, I have kept the book and maybe in a year or two's time I will get the book back out and me and Spud will read the book together.

I will admit I have only read 1 chapter of this book and have not been able to read anymore, but with such fantastic reviews and feedback I have seen so far, I don't want my readers/visitors to miss out on such a great book. Fans of the book are now demanding a sequel to follow the first book. The Facebook fan page for the book has over 3000 fans and is growing more each day.

Available to buy with a suggested RRP of £10.99 from Amazon and many more small independent book shops.

To find out more about Omzak, check out his official website.

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