Sunday 18 November 2012

Where Does All The Time Go?!?

Hello everyone I do apologise for the lack of personal post appearing on the blog recently, there just isn't enough time these days for me to get everything done that I would like too. I suppose after Christmas I will have a lot more time on my hands, at the moment if I'm not busy with Spud or the home I'm out Christmas shopping or wrapping presents up once Spud is in bed. I have tried to be a little bit organised this year, last year the adults were given there unwrapped presents with some having the price tags still attached!!

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, although this is not Spud's first Christmas he too is also feeling the Christmas bug more this year, he sat down this year and wrote his own letter to Santa without any help from Mummy, he stops and listens to Christmas songs dancing along with Mummy and he's loving all the Christmas films!

On Friday Spud had to wear something spotty to school for BBC Children's In Need, I was worried with all the Jimmy Saville stuff going on that they wouldn't raise enough but I'm glad so many pulled out their wallets and donated, I hope you did too? It's not too late you know! Well yeah so he had to wear something Spotty, so Thursday I went to Asda trying to get something from the Children's In Need range and it was all sold out! Literally every single clothing item for Children In Need was sold out even all the baby stuff! So I turned to DIY with the help of our much loved arts and crafts box! 

I call him Spud on here hence why I have painted out his real name!
I had my Baby Boo and Little Big Man stay over on Friday night, on Saturday morning my sister picked Baby Boo up as me Spud and Little Big Man was going to the Cinema in town. It was Little Big Man's first time at the cinema and I was a little worried how he would be with his ASD, having Autism means he can't concentrate on something for longer than a few minutes each time, we watched Nativity (the first one) at our local VUE cinema, the tickets cost £1.50 each (for both adults and children as part of KIDS AM, tickets on a weekend morning are only £1.50 each) so I wasn't bothered if we would have to leave if we needed to. 

We had a choice between 2 films to watch, ParaNorman (a animated children's film that I decided against as I was worried they would be afraid) or Nativity which of course was what I chose. Little Big Man was running along the seats, and asking why other people were at the cinema, why people was sitting near us, shouting, dancing, laughing and crying, we had a bit of it all, I was just annoyed that every one kept looking at us, I kept smiling at the lady sitting next to Spud, she was most probably looking at me to say ''Young mother, 2 young children, 2 different colours and she cant control them''. 

I wasn't sure if she was thinking that but I bet she did, I had a lot of looks not only in the cinema but walking around the town after and when we went for lunch. I shouldn't have to explain to anyone that Little Big Man is my nephew and he's got Autism, but I really don't know how my sister can handle everyone staring at her, he's not naughty, it's not his fault but other people just presume he is, but why are they constantly staring? It's not nice you know, it's really uncomfortable actually, I really admire my sister for the strong woman she is, if I was her by now I would of snapped at someone! 

Nativity by the way is a hilarious film, me and Spud plan to go and watch number 2 that is coming out sometime this month, I have never laughed so much at a Christmas based film, well maybe Home Alone actually that I have just stopped watching coincidentally!

Today I went to Blackbush Market, a massive market with over 1000 stalls about 20 minutes from my home, I've been keeping an eye out for a little Santa set for Spud's Christmas eve hamper, similar to the ones ELC/Mothercare do for £10, I came across one stall today that had Fisher Price Santa sets for £1, I couldn't believe it, I quickly distracted Spud and paid the man the £1 whilst I whipped it into a bag. When I got home I checked out the box wondering why it was so cheap, turns out it's a 1999 edition! I really could of kicked myself when I realised, I should of picked up 2!! I'm going to keep the box and try and keep it in a good condition, after all I brought it for Spud to play with.

Well I'm signing off now, X-Factor The Results are on, I really cant believe the weekend is over already! 

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! Until next time,

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