Saturday 17 November 2012

Nano Speed Super Vert Crash Set Review *Christmas*

Spud is such a typical little boy, give him a simple car and he could play with it for a good 10 minutes without getting bored, even if it doesn't do anything! So when Spin Master offered us the chance to review a Nano Speed Super Vert Crash Set containing 2 mini cars (and two other products) I quickly replied to the email with my address and waited for our parcel to arrive!

You may be thinking what is a Nano Speed Super Vert Crash Set, and don't worry if you are because I was doing the exact same thing when Spin Master offered us one to review! When the parcel arrived a few days later and a quick read of the box, I couldn't wait to collect Spud from school and tell him he had a surprise waiting for him at home!
Now you may think this odd but Spud doesn't have a car track or any sort, train sets yes, lots of them but not a car one, so I just knew he was going to be really happy the latest toy he had been sent was a car track set.

Inside the box was 2 very mini cars, the pieces of track, the battery operated power station (as Spud call's it), stickers and of course instructions.

The instructions notify that the base or power station as Spud calls it requires 2 x D batteries so if you are thinking of buying this for a gift please do get them batteries also, if your like me, the only spare batteries I have laying around is AA and AAA!!
 A quick battery installation which was accomplished by a screwdriver (as there are screws to unscrew and screw back up) then we was ready ready to 'build' the track. Now as you may of seen from the photo's above, this isn't no straight track, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to do it properly so I asked my friend to help Spud set it all up, I watched as she looked for specific numbers and set it all up correctly within 10 minutes!
 My friend told me that each piece was numbered and with the help from the step by step guide printed in the instructions she didn't find it difficult to set it all up at all. Spud waiting eagerly bless him helped decorate the track and the 'power station' with the stickers included in the box.
How cute is the tiny car park?!?
This particular Nano Speed set has 2 courses the car can take, it can either take the large track with help from the battery operated 'power station' or you can pull back the car once and watch as it spirals around the corkscrew track at the end, however me or Spud couldn't get the pull back option to work, we did try on a number of times and I re-read the instructions loads of times to make sure I was doing it properly.
The pull back spiral track set.
Like most toys, there is a small disadvantage to the set, the battery operated 'power station' is quite loud and noisy, the track is currently in Spud's toy corner of the front room, if this is on I cant hear the TV at my usual volume level and its not a noise you can block out.

Spud loves the track though and turns it on each day, I don't know if its because I brought cheap batteries but the cars seem to be dropping quite often now, but once they get going again they go around the large track 3 times then decide to drop, which some might say is a disadvantage but Spud loves it, it means he's not watching the cars go around and around over and over again.

On writing this review, I had to refer back to the instructions, and as I wasn't the one who initially set up the track I wasn't aware of the fact the cars were designed to race and crash, this is something that we have not tried doing just yet! The cars can go as fast as 1,500 scale miles per hour. There are more than 60 Nano Speed cars to collect, crash and race.
I personally wouldn't be happy to pay the suggested RRP of this set as the car's fall off the track and I can't get the corkscrew bit to work properly, otherwise its great for any car mad fan! Weather boy or girl I'm sure it will put some big smiles on car mad fans this Christmas!

Available to buy with a suggested RRP of £34.99 from Amazon and Toys R Us.

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