Sunday 11 November 2012

Brain Noodels Review *Christmas*

When Paul Lamond offered us the chance to review some of their Brain Noodles I must admit I had not heard of the company or the product before. I done a search on Paul Lamond on Google and loved the look of a lot of their products. We was originally asked to choose out of 3 products to review what one we would like to test, I showed Spud the email and he quickly pointed to to the Brain Noodles.

If like me you don't have a clue what Brain Noodles are, don't worry they are not some glory brain science kit, they are giant pipe cleaners, but not ordinary pipe cleaners. The Brain Noodles stems are jumbo, silky, fluffy fiber noodles that bend any way you want! Use them to create anything you can imagine.

Inside the box is 12 assorted coloured giant noodles, a bundle of noodles, and lots of accessories including wiggle eys, chenille stems, pom poms, craft foam, feathers and stickers.

After studying the box and what he could possibly make for over 10 minutes, Spud decided he wanted to make the ladybird first, the Brain Noodles is for 6 years + but adult supervision is required.

You simply follow the easy step by step instructions, illustrated with photo's too, then bend and shape the giant noodles, then all you have to do next is decorate with all the accessories provided in the box!

 We love arts and crafts, and I especially love the Brain Noodles, we didn't have any sticky messy yuck to clean up, Spud didn't have to wear a apron and the rest of the pack fitted straight back into the box!

We have saved the other Brain Noodles for next time. Spud has informed me we will be making the snail next time! These cute fluffy soft bugs are welcome to stay in my home for as long as they want, the real ones on the other hand can stay far away!!

Some information on Brain Noodles:

- Reinforced Care
- No sharp ends all noodles are crimped for safety
- Use and reuse
- Non toxic
- Craft fun great for travel, birthday gifts, quiet play, parties and ideal as a child's Christmas present!

The Brain Noodles Bugs we was sent is just one of many designs currently available in the Brain Noodles selection, you can find more ranges online. Brain Noodles are available to buy with a suggested RRP of £12.95 from Amazon, Gulliver's Toys and Gifts and WeeGooseberry.

To find out more about Paul Lamond or/and Brain Noodles check out the official website here, find them on Facebook here or you can follow them on Twitter here.

  Disclosure - I was sent this product on the basis to review it, I have not received a payment for reviewing this product but instead was compensated as I was aloud to keep the product. All comments and views are of my own/Spud's unless other wise stated and was not influenced in any way shape or form.


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