Friday 9 November 2012

Sitting Spud Down About Santa

Hello everyone, Christmas is less than 45 days away, I hope you have all started Christmas shopping already!? Don't leave it too last minute otherwise you enter a human traffic jam!! That and the fact the shelves are half empty is not a good idea! I took advantage of the Argos 3 for 2 scheme on all toys today, that's another 3 present's crossed off Spud's Christmas list from Santa.

You may have noticed the banner at the beginning of this post, every time you see this banner on a post, it means the item is part of my Christmas Feature, not that it means anything different from a normal review I do, it just means that maybe the product is targeted for Christmas, released in time for Christmas, predicted to be a big hit this Christmas, recommeneded for Christmas or maybe something I personally like for Christmas.

Talking about Christmas, the first thing that comes into a child's head is Santa, OK maybe present's come first but I'm sure Santa comes second. That's one thing I really don't like, Santa getting the praise for everything, I don't want Spud knowing Santa isn't real, I want him to have a fantasy childhood and believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. We are Christian, so Spud knows that we don't celebrate Christmas for the fun of it, he knows that at the beginning of Christmas is Christ and he knows we celebrate Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

However I don't want some made up fairly chubby fella with a big white beard and a over large red coat with black boots getting the praise for all the hard work that goes on behind Christmas, so today I sat Spud down after school and told him that Mummy has been working extra these last few weeks to get extra money in time for Christmas. You all thought you was going to read ''I sat Spud down and told him Santa wasn't real didn't you? Hehe I think I can get away with Santa being real for a few more years, well I'm hoping so anyway!!  Spud as I expected starting asking questions, so I told Spud, Santa brings all his presents but I pay for them, I have to pay Santa money each week and he decides if children get present's on Christmas day, if children are good they will wake up to presents, if they are naughty they won't get anything and instead their parent's will get their money back. Spud asked a few more questions about the elfs, how they watch us and how's Santa going to drop off his presents (we live in a flat, we have no chimney!).

Now I'm sat here whilst he's sleeping, possibly dreaming of that chubby fella with the white beard, extra large red coat and big black boots asking myself over and over again if I should of told Spud that, yes he still believes in Santa, he just know's that I infact pay for his presents Santa drops off. Spud is 6 he is getting older and is starting to notice things, I have 5 nephews, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 parents, 2 step parents, grandparents, aunts,uncles and lots of cousins, I have to start Christmas shopping very early, so when I am buying gifts, Spud will ask who the gift is for, he only does normally ask when I am buying one of my nephews something as it's toys he wants to know, so I tell him there for Christmas, then he starts asking me questions like ''Why isn't Santa taking Little Big Man's presents to him? Has he been naughty??'' Then I'm left to explain so all in all, I think what I told Spud today works with everything.

I would love to know how you celebrate Christmas in your house, do you let Santa take all the praise? Or have you like me, let your children believe in Santa but added a twist to the story?

Until next time or should I say ho,ho,ho,

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