Friday 2 November 2012

My Free Items From Amazon Via Swagbucks!

Have you ever read my post about Swagbucks? If not I suggest you read it now, its the way you can easily make £25 a month, for spending about an hour a day online, did I mention it's free? Ohh and before this post gets long, I would just like to say this post is not sponsored in any way nor has this post been suggested to me. I would simply just like to let others know about Swagbucks as for me being a single Mummy Swagbucks really does come in handy!

Rolled up £5 note

I joined Swagbucks in July after reading of other success stories from other people, I thought it was worth a try and it is easily one of the best sites I would ever recommend. In 15 days I earned enough points to cash out 5 x £5 Amazon UK vouchers. Each £5 Amazon voucher cost 849sb (Swagbucks), I did not spend 1 penny in earning these Swagbucks, just by playing games (you can earn up to 10sb per day from this) taking part in surveys, polls, watching video's, participating in online task and other little small things you too can easily make £25 a month in Amazon vouchers, or Paypal, or other UK shops such as New Look, the reason why I stick to Amazon vouchers in portions of £5 is because one; Amazon sells loads of things from clothes to DVDs, books to toys etc and two; Amazon £5 vouchers work out cheaper (fewer points needed) than a £25 Amazon voucher, the other big option is Paypal vouchers, I personally don't like doing Paypal as you don't get the full £5 like you do for Amazon as Paypal uses charges etc.

Swagbucks is an American site so unfortunately not everything in the Swagstore is available for UK users so do check what you purchase with your points before you click Snag This. Since I started blogging I will admit, I have not had the time for Swagbucks, I could I suppose, but I have so much to do with the blog I just prefer to get things over and done with, I will hopefully be back to Swagbucking very soon! But don't think I haven't been adding up those points, oh no I have indeed, thanks to my lovely referrals, thanks to my referrals I don't even have to don't have to do a single thing, they stack up the points for me and have so far earned me £35, I have so far made £70 from Swagbucks in the payment of Amazon vouchers, these are the items that I have purchased and I still have £25.05 left on my account to spend!

3 CD Christmas Songs Box Set For £3 Including Free Delivery.
Liverpool FC Polo Top For £9.99 Including Free Delivery.
Disney Pixar Cars 2 Vtech InnoTab Game (For Spud's Vtech InnoTab 2 That I Won) For £13.29 Including Free Delivery.
SetSanDisk 8GB Memory Card (For Spud's Vtech InnoTab 2 That I Won) For £3.69 Including Free Delivery.
Disney Mickey's Magical Christmas DVD (A Present To Go In Spud's Christmas Eve Hamper) For £3.00 Including Free Delivery.
Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Great Outdoors DVD (A Present To Go In Spud's Christmas Stocking) For £5.49 Including Free Delivery.
Mum's Family Desk Planner (Diary For Myself - The Reviews Are Amazing On This Product) For £5.50 Including Free Delivery.

And yes I still have £25.05 left, I have not parted with 1p from my own pocket, I purchased all these items from Amazon via the vouchers I received from Swagbucks for spending an hour on their site a day! If you have the free time why don't you sign up? 

To join click on this link

To read more about Swagbucks and how to earn points read my post from August.

Until next time,
Jada x


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