Friday 16 November 2012

TOMY Octopals Review *Christmas*

Bath toys, what household in Britain with children under the age of 8 doesn't have bath toys? This post is all about Tomy Octopals, a fantastic bath toy that is on the cheap side too! The best part is my Autistic nephew loved them! 

Inside the box was a Mummy octopal and 8 of her babies two of each colours; yellow, orange, pink and blue and a pad to keep them all on.

I passed these onto my sister for her 2 boys, 17 month old Baby Boo and 4 year old Autistic,  Little Big Man as Spud was sent a Raa Raa bath set (which I will be posting about soon).

Both Baby Boo and Little Big Man love the Tomy Octopals, they are both fun and educational. Each of the baby Octopals have numbers printed onto them from 1-8 and every one has a smiley bright face. Each baby octopal squirts out water,floats and possibly the best part, they stick to tiles and the bath!

The Mummy Octopal can be used as a showering cup making washing hair more fun!

The Octopals not only teach young children colours and counting, they also teach co-ordination as my sister soon discovered with Baby Boo who loves trying to put the babies back on the floating pod.

Little Big Man is Autistic and absolutely loves the octopals, no other bath toys get a look in since the octopals were introduced to the boys. LBM is obsessed with animals, being Autistic means he has traits of OCD and possessive behaviour, he also doesn't like change, introducing the octopals to him was no problem at all, he absolutely loves them and my sister has recommended them to other parent's of Autistic children.

Breakdown of Tomy Octopals
  • Teaches numbers/counting.
  • Teaches colours.
  • Helps co-ordination.
  • Teaches shapes i.e, oval.
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Affordable
  • Strong/tough durable. 
  • Suitable from 12 months +
  • No batteries required!!!
Available to buy with a suggested RRP of £12.99 (sold in a number of places for a lot less than that, my sister swears by the Tomy Octopals for a fun bathtime for any little one! Tomy Octopals are available to buy from Argos, Amazon, Kiddicare, Tesco, Play, John Lewis, Smyths, Mothercare, Woolworths, Toys R Us and loads loads more.

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