Tuesday 30 June 2015

The Ultimate Guide for the Groom and Groomsmen

Planning a wedding is hard work, especially when you have to choose between expensive venues and decide which relatives to invite. Then comes the time to decide about the seating chart, table decorations and bridesmaids dresses; however, the groom and groomsmen have their own unique set of decisions, including suits and speeches.
So here are some tips to help reduce those wedding day nerves and make sure the groom and groomsmen feel prepared.
Suits and Styles
There used to be very few choices when it came to suiting up the groom and groomsmen, but nowadays there are many more stylish and personal trends. While you can opt for a traditional three piece, morning suit, or tuxedo, you could consider something less conventional. Have a little fun and choose mix matched suits for each groomsmen, select art deco inspired Great Gatsby ensembles, or go for romanticised vintage with checks, tweed, bowties and braces.
Gifts for Groomsmen
After all of their hard work organising an incredible stag party and always being on hand to offer help, you can repay your groomsmen with thoughtful gifts. Consider purchasing fancy neckwear (Knightsbridge offer some great styles), an expensive bottle of whiskey, a keepsake watch, or a box of cigars, or a pair of engraved cufflinks. Alternatively, you could pick a present that shows how well you know them, refers to an inside joke or gift something handmade.
Photo Opportunities
You've probably hired a professional photographer to capture your day, but it's important to remember to discuss the shots you want at your consultation. As well as images of the groom and groomsmen getting ready and waiting at the ceremony for the bride's arrival, arrange for some funny shots, too. You could wear superhero t-shirts, re-enact scenes from films, hold bouquets, have a sword fight, or have photos while you're jumping. Your wedding day is supposed to represent you, so have some fun and make your photographs more personal.
The Speeches
Speeches can be the bane of the groom and groomsmen's lives, as they are hard to write and can be nerve wrecking to deliver. There are templates all over the internet to help you with structure and content, but the most memorable speeches are personal, tell stories and express feelings. When you've finished writing, make sure you take time to practice before the big day, as this will help you banish those nerves. Oh and whatever you do, don't forget your paper copy!
Now Gareth will never have an excuse when I ask him nearer the time of what he's suppose to do!

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