Tuesday 9 June 2015

5 Tips for Travelling with Children

Aside from moving house or getting married, taking the children on holiday is certainly up there with one of the most stressful things you can do.
No matter their age, it can feel like you're organising a military assault, and although you hope for some relaxation, you know it’s most probably going to include a little stress.
So to avoid too many tantrums, and get the feeling like you've actually had a holiday, these top tips are here to help make your holiday memorable for all the right reasons.
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Take your Time
As a mum you will know that children don't understand the concept of time.
You can barely get them out the door for school or nursery on time, let alone know where you're going to start when you need to get them moving for a holiday. In a child’s world everything just happens.
But by giving yourself some extra time you can ease the stress of rushing to meet your plane or train.
Leave well ahead of your time, and that way if there are tears or any toilet stops, it won't leave you having a heart attack.
It’s much better to arrive early than late. And waiting around is far easier than trying to make them move any quicker than the snail’s pace they usually go.
Book Ahead
This really should be a given, and as parent you will most probably do this anyway.
But give yourself less stress by booking any destinations or activities well in advance.
There’s nothing worse than tired children that can't be put to bed, or the tears of a disappointed child after the water park is closed.
It may cost a little extra but those few pennies will be well worth it to make your holiday run smoothly.
If you do your research before your holiday you can often find bulk package deals at a fraction of the price of when you’re there. So have a look around and get some advice from your travel agent as to what there is to do in the area.
Be Prepared for Anything
If you’re nervous about the numerous things that can happen whilst you’re abroad, don’t panic!
It may be a little daunting being away from all the usual home comforts that keep the children safe and entertained, but there are numerous travel guides that cover what you need to know when travelling abroad.
As a parent it can come as a surprise at the amount of stuff you're going to need to take with you;
 Medicine for any unforeseen illness  Baby Wipes for pretty much everything  Games to keep them entertained • Healthy treats so they don't go crazy from too many sweets
Take as many of your home items as possible but don't forget that there are always shops abroad that supply the same products as the UK, so perhaps just pack the essentials so you're not taking everything but the kitchen sink.

Make Them Safe
Unfortunately there have been some horrible cases of children going missing when they've been abroad with their families, so it’s important that although you're on holiday you keep your eyes on your children and make them as safe as possible.
If you want to enjoy a little sunbathing, take it in turns between yourself or your partner, or even a family friend to play with them so that they’re always being supervised by an adult they know.
Make them aware of ‘stranger danger’, and if you go on any trips for the day, brand their arm with your number in biro, so if they are found someone can call you as soon as possible.
There are numerous guides online with hints and tips for keeping children safe, so read over these and see which you can incorporate into your holiday.

Help them Explore
Although you may be looking forward to the sun and sea, don’t forget that for your little one this is a huge, exciting adventure.
Embrace their inner explorer by giving them their own disposable camera so they can take their own holiday snaps. You'd be surprised at what they’ll take pictures of, and it will definitely keep them entertained on days out.
If they're able to write, encourage them to write a holiday journal. This could be done at the end of the day over dinner to keep them well behaved at the table.
Of course amongst all the organisation and preparation, just don’t forget to have fun with your children. I'd love to hear any travelling with children tips and hints you may have! Please do leave a comment if you'd like to share your handy tips! Until next time, Jada x


  1. These are great tips.
    I went on my first holiday, to Thailand in February. We were there for 3 weeks and we had to take my girls to hospital because of mosquito bites. They had over 90 bites each. It was pretty scary and worrying! We had to pay over £60 for medication. Luckily we did have enough money. They were totally fine in themselves though! They have all healed now thank god and no marks!