Wednesday 10 June 2015

Making Memories Last a Lifetime

Being a mummy is one of life’s greatest gifts.

Even when they test you with their tantrums and surprise you with their quick wit, you look into those little faces and the frustrations just melt away.
But as life seems to pass us by so quickly, it feels as though it goes ten times the speed when you're trying grasp onto every moment you have with your little ones.
In a blink of an eye they seem to be a year older. They talk like little adults, hold inquisitive conversations with you, and start to ask the most incredible questions that you would never have thought of. It’s beautiful how a child’s mind works, and it’s something you want to remind them of when they’re years older and starting a family of their own.
So it’s no surprise that as a mum you can be so sentimental with the precious moments that seem to pass by. From losing their first tooth, to that first little daisy they gifted you on a day out at the park.
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That’s why a memory box is something that is perfect for safely storing away all the keepsakes you’ve collected, ready to share with them again.
We so often just post everything online that we forget about the physical beauty of these memories. Being able to hold that piece of time within your hands and remember the feelings you had when you were first there.
Of course memory boxes don't just have to be for little ones. You could create one for a special occasion as a gift to a friend or family member, use it for holidays, or even a big life event like a wedding.
This simple guide will give you some hints and tips on how to make your memory box completely unique to you, no matter the occasion.
Pick a Box
You can purchase pre-made memory boxes in any shape or size these days, but making it from scratch can help you to make it more personal to you.
Whether you pick a gift box or just a plain cardboard box, cover it in something that will make you reminisce in years to come. If you know someone that can knock up a wooden box this may be more durable to last the years, and weather better than cardboard.
You could stick on newspaper clippings that give you an idea about the year it was and all that was happening in the world, or alternatively you could be quite quirky and cover it in wrapping paper made from your own photographs such as the ones you can find on Gift Skins.
The only precaution you may have to take when making your own is storing it safely so that it won’t get destroyed or damaged. Place it somewhere hidden but where you can still add to it if you need to.
Fill It Up
The items that you fill your memory box with all depends on the pieces of your life that mean the most to you. From invitations, notes, cuttings of fabric and even photographs.
Your keepsakes have no restrictions as it’s what matters to you that counts.
If you do include any special photos, perhaps look at getting a USB stick or even a USB presentation box that you can store them on safely in case they fade over time or get damaged.
Photographs are often the most popular item in a memory box as it helps you to re-visit and envisage that time even better than your memory alone.
They are also a perfect to give as a gift to your little ones to keep on their special birthdays.
Whatever you decide to include in your memory box, try and make it last as long as possible.
Whether you dry the flower that they once gave you, or entwine a lock of their hair within a vial.
Keep it Going
When you begin your memory box don't forget about it.
There’s something so special about seeing your child’s development and growth laid out in front of you. From their first drawing to their first school book.
If you can try to get other family members to take part in the box, whether it’s notes or their own special keepsakes, it can give the memories so much more diversity when it comes to sharing it with your child in years to come.

Until next time, Jada x