Thursday 11 June 2015

The Importance Of Wearing Your Specs!

When I was younger, I often heard an adult tell me if I sat as close to the TV as I did, that I would have bad eyes when I was older, now I don't know if that is a fact or not, but I do wish I would of listened, because now at the age of just 25, my eyesight is terrible, actually terrible is a under statement, without my glasses or contact lenses, I can not see a single thing.

It was when I started secondary school at the age of 11 that I realised how bad my eye site was, I'd been visiting the opticians for as long as I could remember, but wearing glasses wasn't cool nor trendy, and something I avoided whilst out and about and at school. I remember squinting as much as I possibly could, without fully closing my eyes to see the board, until my eyes become so sore and itchy that I would ask someone to read out what was on the board for me.

When Spud was born, a concern was raised about his eyes and soon enough, at the young age of eight months old, he too became a glasses wearer under hospital prescription. Last year, April 2014 Spud had an operation to correct his squint, years of wearing glasses had helped a little but not enough, and so having an operation was the only way around it.

Spud is still a glasses wearer now, as am I. I dread to think of me running out of contact lenses, or misplacing/losing my glasses, I know for a fact I would not be able to leave my house because of the shear fact that I can't see, I would not only be a danger to myself, but also to everyone else, including road users! Knowing how bad my eyes are now at my age, I encourage Spud as much as I can to wear his glasses, not wanting him to have the terrible eyes his mummy has when he is my age.

During my last appointment at my opticians Optical Express, questions was raised about how bad my eyesight was, and it got me thinking to how stupid and naive I was as a younger self, if I could turn back time and wear my glasses I would. I wouldn't care about the 'cool kids' at school judging me, and I wouldn't care about boys turning their heads because I may just not have the bad set of eyes as I do now.

However, time is present, and as much as I'd love to go back to the past some times, it's not possible, so I live with my eyes and see thanks to the glasses and contact lenses I wear. I've often thought about laser eye surgery but with technology and health constantly improving, I'd like to wait a few more years to see what can be done for me then.

I'd like to end this post to any one with poor or bad vision, I'd like to advise you to all wear your glasses and not worry about what other's think, glasses are so popular these days, and with designer brands around, they're very stylish indeed. I can't see a face in front of me just a blur, I have to hold my phone screen to my nose to just read a short text, and I legally can't drive without glasses or contact lenses.

Don't let your eyes get as bad as mine, wear your glasses with pride, and help look after your eyes.

Until next time,
Jada x


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