Sunday 7 June 2015

The Perfect Cure For A Hangover!

Few of us have after a long time, managed to go on a night out while forgetting the daily routine and the kids. When this happens, we tend to down one too many drinks at one point or another in a single night out, like Luke Pants recently did and went on to give away 1 million free spins! It is only the next morning that the ordeals begin with the head-pounding, body-aching and children to look after.
There are a few hangover remedies that will help you ease off this horrendous feeling, which are scientifically-proven. Throughout these remedies, you may alleviate the negative symptoms of alcohol for the morning after and carry out with your daily activities. Before going through the different ways, let’s have a look at Luke Pants doings! He does not need any introduction but those who haven't met him yet, Luke Pants is the mascot at Lucky Pants Bingo. He is actually a purple bingo ball who has made the ladies hearts flutter each time he entered the bingo rooms. It really seems like the beau has had a heavy hand on the gin since this summer he is giving away 1 million free spins in the Mega Million Giveaway promo. What’s even more amazing is that all members will get the opportunity of seizing a share by using code SPINS on any deposit of minimum £5 to enter the raffle draw!
Going back to the remedies, here below are some tips that will be helpful:
Water After a drinking session, our body is absolutely parched. Turning to water to quench your thirst is actually a very good idea as it will hydrate your body.
Take a painkiller if you have a pounding head or a burning stomach, an aspirin is handy, without of course going over the prescribed dose.
Eat crackers, toast, or other mild-flavoured carbohydrates The nauseous feeling has already taken place and you most probably do not want to swallow anything however the mentioned helps to alleviate nausea. It also helps your body to soak up the alcohol in your system. It is best to avoid acidic, spicy, heavy or oily food.
The Hair of the Dog is believed to be a well-known cure for hangover since ages, however this is a temporary feeling. Having more alcohol will ultimately dehydrate you, leaving you with a worse feeling later. It’s best to stick to sprite instead, as Chinese researchers found the drink helps the body better break down alcohol by speeding up our capability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), believed to be the culprit for hangover symptoms.
A natural remedy that you may try is eating potatoes with milk. By doing so, you will bring back your body’s supply of potassium and calcium, an excellent source of these minerals.
On another note, the best way to avoid feeling beaten up the next day is to control the number of glasses you are having and avoid getting one altogether. Plus spacing out your drinks will give your body enough time to recover from each other, dramatically diminishing the likelihood of a hangover. By following these small tips, your weekend will be even more flamboyant as you won’t feel sick nor feel knocked around! Until next time, Jada x


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