Monday 22 June 2015

Keeping Fit To Keep Up With The Kids!

Summer time is nearly upon us, and yet again I've not lost any weight since last summer, and maybe the summer before that, and the one before that one too! With the sun and the lovely weather it's natural to spend days outside in the garden, fun filled days spent on the beach, and days at the park running around and having fun!

It's no secret that I am on the larger side of life, and if you've ever seen me run around a park, you'll know I don't run for long without getting out of breath and feeling the urgent need to sit down, along with a few mouthfuls of drink because I feel like dehydration is about to hold me hostage any second!

I often watch my brother run around after his six nephews and wonder how on earth he last for so long, I'm sure he'd last a lot longer then he does if his nephews didn't all jump on him at the same time, leaving his forehead barely visible, but still he last a lot longer then me, which does upset me.

My brother Jamie with his six nephews, Spud is laying down at the front on Jamie's legs.
The thing is, when you're on the larger side of life, you do tend to get stared at more often, like people have never seen a fat person before, and that can lead to someone of a larger side becoming more conscious and paranoid about their weight and size. I'm speaking for myself when I say I feel absolutely sick at the thought of going to the gym, I sweat just thinking about it, and quickly have to rid the thought!

It's all good and well going on a diet to lose a few lbs, but what about when you need to lose more than a few lbs and you know if you don't exercise of some sort you're going to be left with saggy skin? What if you're dieting clean with no cheats, living off fruit and salads but not losing the weight like you should be, barely even losing a lb a week? It can be quite disheartening!

With my confidence so low, I can't face joining a gym, but I know I need to exercise some way or another, I've decided I am going to exercise from home as much as I can, or at least by myself in and around the home! I've been looking at Fatbirds a lot recently, finding myself visiting the website a few times a day, I think my first step along my weight loss journey is going to be buying a bike for me to ride!

I loved cycling when I was younger, and even become quite a pro at the bike track, taking on anyone who would race! I didn't win all, who does!? I did however have a brilliant time cycling around and can't wait to show Spud and my nephews some of the tricks I use to be able to do - that's if I can still do them at my age!

Hopefully, it will help me lose a few lbs or more before the summer holidays are here, so this year, I can play with the kids for a bit longer before I feel like I'm going to pass out! It will also give me the push I need to get into shape for my sisters wedding in May next year, I've been asked to be bridesmaid, and a fat bridesmaid isn't on my agenda!

If you have any tips you can share with me, I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

Until next time,
Jada x


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