Thursday 25 June 2015

Going Abroad Isn't As Easy As Booking A Holiday!

Admittingly, Spud has never been abroad due to my worrying and panicking issues, I worry about so much and have never once got excited over the thought of me and Spud going abroad on holiday alone! However, if we was to go abroad with our family, and there was many of us, I don't think I'd be that bad, and now Gareth is in our lives, I think I'd be more chilled out, instead of being a worrying head case for the entire duration of what should be a blissful holiday!

Now the children in the family are all becoming a little older, there's been more than a few discussions in the family about all going abroad next year. The youngest ones are four now, bar one who is turning four in November, and the oldest is 10, with Spud being nine, so they're not at that age where they can't understand us if we told them instructions, and hopefully they'd all listen to us!

We love UK beaches, but would love to visit beaches abroad!

Knowing that I'm quite a bargain saving woman, I was given the task to look at family friendly holiday resorts and suitable accommodation for us all, which has been quite a task if I'm honest with you, I'm finding four out of five of the main importances we need, but finding somewhere always lets us down with one issue in someway or another!

It was whilst on my search for the big family holiday next year that I come across many facts about going abroad, things I'd never even thought of before, and of course my worry hat got put straight back on! Living in the UK, we're fortunate for the National Health Service, otherwise known as the NHS, if we're ill, we visit our doctors surgery, if we're seriously ill, we take ourselves to A&E or call 999 for an ambulance.

If we have minor cuts and injuries, we go to the minor injury unit, and we've even got out of hour doctor surgeries and walk in centres for the less serious situations, but when going abroad, things aren't that easy as I've come to realise. Every country has its own rules and legislations, and although I've fortunately been healthy and well whilst going abroad as a child, I can't say the same now I'm an adult.

In recent years, my asthma has become more than a pain in the backside, and so has my suspected Irritable Bowel Syndrome, although I try to put off doctor's visits for as long as possible, there is just no way of knowing when you will ever need medical care and attention.

If finding the perfect place, accommodation, flights and all the rest wasn't enough, I'm now stressing out over health care, emergencies, illnesses and all that lot! Even people who come over here don't have as much to sort out as us Brits do, by simply registering for the NHS, they're pretty much covered!

Do you have any tips you can share with me?

Until next time,
Jada x


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