As so many of you know, I have six siblings, three sisters and three brothers, but we won't go into the family tree again today because otherwise I'll be here all day, and I've done so much today my feet are already planning on filing for divorce with my body! I wouldn't of been as busy as I am today on a Thursday, however my sister's birthday is soon approaching, and I've been trying to get her the perfect birthday present, or presents should I add!

After hunting around various shops and spending hours searching online, I took the plunge and ended up ringing Paula, admitting that I have no idea what to get her, because she simply has everything, and everything I like for her, I know she wouldn't! We're so different when it comes to taste, it's near impossible for us ever to agree on something we like, from dresses to good looking men, we don't agree!

After getting a few ideas from Paula, I thought I would share the list here, making it easier for our family and Paula's friends to see what she really would appreciate for her birthday!

Paula would love a convertible car, I know she was winding me up, because she kept telling me not to worry about buying her anything! Yeah like I'm not going to buy my big sister something on her birthday! Paula's not only my sister, but she's also my best friend and a very important person in my life! I obviously can't afford a convertible Paula, but I can afford a toy version!

Paula would love a new charm or two for her Pandora bracelet, and ask kindly that you verify the charms are genuine! Paula's especially got her eye on the Symbol of Hope charm as pictured above in the collage! You can pick that up for just £25 from Gift and Wrap, along with lots of other lovely charms!

As we all know by now, Paula loves Fiorelli handbags, and as you know a woman can never have too many handbags! One is never enough, and neither is 20, or 50 if you're Paula! I would double check on what Fiorelli handbags Paula has already though, or maybe include a gift receipt so she can exchange any doubles!

Lastly, a woman like Paula needs a never ending supply of Ferrero Rocher, and yes dad, if you're reading that's Paula and not me! I personally can't stand them, but Paula however LOVES them! If you're planning on gifting Paula a present this birthday, please do know that you can never ever provide Paula with enough of these!

If you have managed to get any gift idea's out of my sister, please do let me know, I can be contacted via a number of ways, but social media and email is preferred!

Until next time,
Jada x

P.S - Paula if you're reading, don't worry you do have other presents you won't and don't know about! Love you xx
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