Friday 15 May 2015

Decorating Your First Proper Home!

After years of living with your parents or in rented rooms, you've signed along the dotted line and are looking forward to settling into your own place. Whether it's an apartment or a house, the next challenge is decorating it to suit your style. While this is definitely the fun part, it's also easier said than done, so here are some common errors to avoid when you get started.

First of all, don't step out of the door without a shopping list, a plan and a budget. Without these you'll end up confused and irritated when you can't remember what you need, and you're almost guaranteed to return home only to realise you've spent a lot of money on things that are far from vital. It's also worth drawing a to-scale plan to make sure your purchases fit, not just in the house but through the door!

When you're shopping in fashionable furniture and home-ware stores, it's easy to pick up all the pretty things you see and decide every single item is a must-have. Be realistic: lava lamps and fluffy rugs are not your priority here. Instead consider whether each product really has a purpose in your new home, and if not put it back. Shop for functional and essential goods first, and then feel free to splurge on one of those quirky vases or seriously cool looking and stylish rugs.

On a similar note, you may want to avoid buying things that are too trendy. Instead, go for classic designs that will last and jazz them up with easily replaceable items. A beautiful wooden dining set will last you through this house and the next, and can be updated quickly and cheaply with a classy candlestick or charming tablecloth.

Another pitfall you might stumble into is painting your walls in the brightest shades you can find. Although a summer yellow or shocking pink may seem fun now, you'll probably regret it further down the line. It's time to ditch the tacky chic and get creative with a tasteful alternative. Stick with classy neutrals or a bold statement wall by choosing from a nice neutral range of wallpaper

Remember, you're definitely a grown up now, so go for youthful elegance in your new home.

Until next time,
Jada x


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