Wednesday 6 May 2015

Easy Ways to Add Luxury to Your Day

It's a busy world we live in these days, and finding the time to unwind is a challenge in itself. A tight work schedule and that Groundhog Day feeling can sap the pleasure out of anyone's life - so it's important you can add a touch of flair to the daily grind.
There's nothing like the taste of simple luxury to perk up your routine and that VIP feeling is closer than you think. A few simple upgrades can help you fly through the day, in first-class style, without breaking the bank.

Lather up in luxury
This 'unfreakinbelievable' showerhead from Siroflex has a stream of glowing reviews on A hot shower is widely regarded as a daily essential in the UK, but not all showers are equal. Feeble water pressure or a shoddy showerhead can kill that feel-good start to your day, but the Siroflex turns even the weakest shower into a spa-like jet of luxury.
If your water pressure is pumping fine you can still luxe up your shower with a filter to enjoy softer hair and skin every day. No more scale and almost 0% chlorine means you can step out of the shower feeling like silky smooth, brand new you. Get yourself some luxury soaps and gels, like chocolate or coconut scented shower scrub, and those early mornings don't feel quite so difficult.

Kick start your day with extraordinary coffee
Britain has an interesting love affair with coffee. Although we rank amongst the lowest consumption rates in Europe are thriving coffee house culture dominates the high street. Espresso shots and creamy lattes aren't fueled for us like many other nations, but rather an indulgence of luxury - and one we're willing to pay good money for at that.
Image Credit: Flickr.
We may not be absolute caffeine addicts but morning coffee is the nation's favourite way to kick start the day. So why settle for a coffee house when you can brew your own cup of luxury at home? These days, there’s a massive range of beverages for coffee lovers, including your favourite flavours from the local shop, many of whom sell their own lines. So the only way to top that luxury feeling after stepping out of the shower is with your favourite cup of no ordinary coffee.

Fill those empty moments with premium touches
Like many nations, Britain is obsessed with its smartphones and the first thing most of us do when we have an empty moment to fill is reach for our trusty handset. Mobile apps are at the centre of our smartphone addiction you can turn these spare minutes into something a little more luxurious with a collection of the best apps in the industry.
Head to for a comprehensive list of applications that not only make your life that little bit easier, but also turn your phone into the noble class of mobile technology.
These apps offer the premium smartphone experience with all the look, feel and function of award-winning mobile app design. Alternatively, you can fill up your home screen with the best apps from luxury brands to get that special feeling every time you unlock your phone screen.

Treat yourself to the simple pleasures
We all have our own feel-good things in life and you owe it to yourself to fill your day with these as much as possible. Naturally, you can't go out and splash the cash on a daily basis, but you can make an effort to treat yourself to the simple pleasures that keep you smiling. Whether it's fresh flowers, a quiet place to sit and think or getting in touch with an old friend, there's a whole list of simple pleasures you can enjoy to brighten up your day. You don't need to spend big or indulge in sweet bites every day either. Write down a list of your favourite little things and you'll see many of them a free and incredibly healthy. So make an effort to fit at least one of your simple pleasures into each day and enjoy that walking tall feeling you deserve.

Indulge in the gift of giving
Few things make you feel as royal as a healthy dose of generosity and it doesn't matter how small your gesture is. A slightly larger tip here and there or a spontaneous gift to one of your friends makes life that little bit sweeter. You don't even need to spend money to brighten someone's day; one of the most generous things you can do is give the gift of your own precious time. Check out for an entire archive of ideas on how to put a smile on someone's face and indulge yourself in the gift of giving.


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