Thursday 28 May 2015

Giving Spud His Dream Room!

When we first moved into the house, I wanted Spud's room to be the first place to be decorated, however we moved in a month before Christmas, and couldn't possibly of celebrated Christmas in the living room (or in any room of the house for that matter) with the condition the room was in! So the lounge/living room got decorated first, which wasn't such a bad thing after all because we ended up having an amazing Christmas considering the stress I was under!

Then I vowed Spud's room would be next on the list, but with Christmas just being put behind us, and a new year to get use too, other expenses kept getting put in the way! Before I knew it, it was March, the month of Spud's birthday, the birthday I promised him he'd get a puppy, and puppies aren't cheap at all! Our loved little puppy dog Jezeppi cost a whopping £300, then on top of that I had to buy a cage to take him home in, buy puppy training mats, food, pay vet bills etc, it's never stopped with him yet! He's our puppy dog though and we love him!

Then it was Easter, that time of year that's the only valid excuse as to why you can eat lot's of chocolate and not feel bad about it! It's also the only other time of year (apart from Christmas) that the Wizard of Oz will be on television - fact! Then it was my birthday, and there's been loads of birthdays in between mine and Spud's I should add! So I've promised, promised Spud, that in the next month or so, we will start on his bedroom! To keep him excited about the project (because there's so much to do!) he's put a little wish list together of what he would love to have in his room!

A Blue Blackout Blind With Multi-Coloured Stars.

You know what they say, children do keep you on your feet and that is indeed the case here, I always try to make Spud's wishes come true, but looking at about 100 pages of Google, and so far not finding anything quite so near, I think I'm going to have to try and persuade him to get a different style of blinds by showing him the choices there are! If not, I need to become a blind maker in the next few weeks!

A London Bus Bed

Don't worry, I also thought Spud meant a London bus as his bed when he first told me, and then I come across these kids beds from Room to Grow and couldn't believe my luck! It's a much more safer option than a real bus, plus could you imagine how much money it would be to make the whole bus just a bed? Then where would the actual bed go? Sorry son, you've got to sleep in the garden!

One Purple Wall, Three Blue Walls and One Million Stars.
I don't know if we could fit a million stars on Spud's walls if we tried too, and not wanting to lie to him I'm going to have to tell him this is impossible, maybe not impossible but I don't think I could torment myself through the process of sticking one million stars to his walls! Plus my OCD will go crazy, and I'd have to make sure each wall had the same amount of stars on, and make sure they all looked okay together - yeah, sorry Spud! The one purple wall and three blue walls is fine though! After all, mummy isn't the one who will be decorating, grandad will be!

A Blue Carpet, a Dark Blue Carpet.

As long as you don't try and sneak any food and drink into your bedroom son, then you can have any colour carpet you want! Dark blue is a much safer option then baby blue too, especially now we have a doggy! Can you imagine him running in from the garden with muddy paws and getting his paw prints all over a lovely baby blue coloured carpet!? Eek, neither could I, because I may just cry!

So there we have it, it's not to extreme, but in fact quite calm but quirky at the same time! It reflects Spud's personality so well, now I've just got to start saving the pennies and actually make a move on it this time!

Have you ever done a child's bedroom makeover? I'd love to read any blog post if you leave a link in the comments below!

Until next time,
Jada x


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