Wednesday 20 May 2015

My Letter T: A Spread Around!

I got tagged in a post on Facebook yesterday, it was one of those game style tagged post that you have to pass onto a number of people - you know the one's that normally annoy most of us!? Yep - one of those! You're casually sat watching one of your favourite movies when your phone pings off with a Facebook notification, you see you've been tagged in something and get excited that you may just have something exciting to read, to discover it's a game, and if you don't pass it on you're going to have bad luck and all that malarkey!

However the one I got tagged in yesterday wasn't some sort of curse if I didn't pass it on, it was simple and easy! Being unsure of who to tag, because I myself am not a fan of these things, I'd thought I'd put my answers on here, letting Lucy know I've not ignored her tag, but instead I'm sharing it with a lot more people than who I have on my Facebook, and letting anyone and everyone copy and paste if they'd like too!

The game is relatively easy, you're given 11 questions that need answering with a letter, I got given the letter T, and so here are my answers!


An animal: Tiger, not my favourite animal, and not my least favourite, but one I'd not like to come across that's for sure!

A boys name: Theo, very similar to a name I adore as most of you will know!

A girls name: Tessie - that was harder than I thought, I needed help with that one, I had to search girls names beginning with a T!

An occupation: Teacher - I always wanted to be a primary school teacher when I was in primary school, then I went to secondary school and got put off being a teacher for life!

A colour: Teal - Have a look through my blog and you'll find lots of pictures of my front room, lovely decorated with a white and teal wallpaper and accessorised with teal accessories!

Something you wear: A throw? You wear it around your shoulder's don't you!? I'm loving the special offer on throws from House of Fraser at the moment!

A drink: Tea - I'm not a fan of hot drinks at all! Although in the winter and colder months of the year, I do love a good hot chocolate from the coffee shop!

A type of food: Tikka - I love a good curry, especially a tikka and korma, accompanied with pilau rice, keema naan and poppadoms, that's my idea of a curry night!

Something found in the bathroom: Toilet - I'm starting to think I've been given the easiest letter out of all the 26 letters contained within the alphabet! 

A place: Turkey - A country I'm yet to visit, but with all this plane malarkey going on at the moment, and my fear of boats/ships/the sea, I don't know if I'll ever be able to visit the country sadly! I've now just also realised that I could have put Turkey (the bird) for the food question!

A reason to be late: Tired - it's my excuse every time, well nearly every time! Either that or transport - another T!

Something you shout out: Tickle Time! I shout it out to Spud when he's upstairs and he comes running down them trying to find me hiding somewhere, I then creep out and tickle him, but he always gets me under my armpits leaving me unable to breathe properly due to me being tickled so much!

If you want to take part, please do copy and paste the questions below, as part of my share of the game, I'm supposed to allocate a letter to each person, but because I don't know who will be taking part, I'll leave a number of letters below for you to choose from!

The Questions:
Last Name : 
An animal: 
A boys name: 
A girls name: 
An occupation: 
A colour: 
Something you wear: 
A drink:
A type of food: 
Something found in the bathroom: 
A place: 
A reason to be late:
Something you shout out: 

The Letters:

If anything, I saw it more of a test than a game, trying to remember basic stuff when you're put on the spot can be tricky as you're about to find out for yourself!

Until next time,
Jada x