Tuesday 12 May 2015

The Things That Bring Excitement To A Mother!

When you leave home, to start your own little family life, you dream of the future and reminisce the memories you've already gained in your home, you think of how many times you've decorated, and wonder how many more times your have to decorate again? The little hand prints smeared on my once clean and supreme walls is a common appearance in my living room, a pen mark no bigger than a 5p coin can be found lingering on my wall near the toy corner, and the stain on the kitchen door which looks like tea still baffles me every day (because I don't drink tea!).

Over time, because of little people, adults and possibly even pets if you have any, things become ruined, with age things become old and with the climate we live in, things deteriorate. When you're a child, we dream of new bikes, new toys and new gadgets, when we become adults, and live independently things change. As many of you know, I moved into quite a filthy house just before Christmas, and no matter how much I give the house a basic clean, the dirt sadly remains.

I get excited over what my friends who still live at home call the most boringest of things, for example when I purchased some novelty marigolds online earlier this year, the waiting game seemed like it took forever, I wanted a spring clean before spring had officially arrived, and I couldn't have a proper spring clean without a new pair of novelty marigolds could I?

When my door knocked that day, I knew it was one of my roughest days, hair bunged up, the painting clothes on, and I'm not even sure if I had my toe nails freshly painted, to be honest they could of been chipped and the baby toe could of lost all its lick of nail polish. Only I didn't care about those things, that day was the day before my spring clean had started, and I had so, so much to do!

You see, as a single mum, I can't afford things straight away, I have to save for the things I want in life, so when I have saved enough to purchase what I would like, I can't help but get excited when the countdown begins. With that being said, I feel I need to tell you about what is next on my 'get me excited list'. It's not a night out with the girls, it's not going to see my favourite singer at concert, nor is it my quarterly facial massage appointment. 

The next thing on my list of things that will get me excited is a Karcher steam cleaner and a Karcher hoover, apparently a spring clean would be much, much easier with a Karcher system in my life and anything that takes a bit of time and stress away from my spring clean is a lovely invention to me!

Throwing my love of all things Disney aside, because as much as I dream of becoming a Disney princess and having cute little birds and other non human friends helping me to clean - it never happens! So I whizz around with my current cleaning tools, all of whom have slowly given up on me over the years, but I can't afford new, especially not with this costly house, so I have to make them do! My psoriasis flares up, even with me wearing marigolds, the harsh cleaning chemicals get to me somehow, and before I know it, my skin is itching like mad!

I would absolutely love to have the Karcher steam cleaner as pictured above as one of my household tools, I imagine how quick and easy my bathroom and kitchen tiles would get cleaned, and the thought makes me smile. Any extra time for me to enjoy a few biscuits and a nice hot cup of tea is bound to make anyone smile isn't it? Let's face it, we all know doing things by hand takes a lot longer, no matter how hard we try to rush things!

Luckily for me, and you, and YOU, Homebase are running a fantastic competition to win a huge bundle of Karcher cleaning products worth over £600, including two prizes for two runner ups! To be in with your chance of entering the social media competition (Instagram and Twitter only!) follow the easy steps below;

1: Snap and share a photo of what you think needs a seriously good clean.
2. Share through your social media accounts with the hashtag #Ineedakarcher and mention @Homebase_UK
3. That's it - all you need to do now is find your photo in the Karcher competition.

I'd love to know what get's you excited as an adult, is it a pamper day at the spa? Or your weekly book night, gone are the days of getting excited over new toys that have just come out, in are the days of getting excited over household items!

Until next time,
Jada x


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