Monday 18 May 2015

Money Saving: Make Your Own Scratch Cards

Following on from my post about doing a children's party on a budget, I bring you the scratch card post, the one I promised to do yesterday, or the day before, sorry it's late, I'm always late, I do apologise! Anyways, let's get on with the post shall we, otherwise I'll start telling you my life story of me being late!

To make your own scratch cards, you will need:

A computer/laptop to make a fancy design.
A printer, to print your designs.
Sticky back plastic or a laminater.
Paint brush/brushes.
Silver paint.
Pens/pencils to decorate if your doing your design by hand.
Optional: Messy play mat to stop paint getting on your floor!

Start off with your design, if you are making them on the computer to ensure you get the most you can on one piece of card, make sure you have the page split into the relevant sections. If you are doing the cards by hand, make sure you cut them into size ready before you start the design.

As well as scratch cards, I done thank you for coming cards for Spud's 6th Birthday, I have just included the thank you card to show you what potential you can have on a computer. For the purpose of this post, I done two really rubbish designs freehand for examples.

Make sure somewhere on your design, you have the section you want to be scratched off, this can be any shape you want, squares are easy to cover with sticky back plastic, but I done stars for Spud's Birthday ones, and simply placed a square patch over the top, just painting the inside of the star.

For the winning scratch cards, I placed a tick inside the scratch off area, a cross (X) marked a no win, its always advisable to do something similar to let the scratch card user know if they have won or not.

Next up, cut a bit of sticky back plastic not too big, but big enough to place on top of the 'scratch off area', my scratch off area would be the circle and square.

Then you simply paint the 'scratch off area' I used silver to give it the real scratch card look, but you can use any colour paint you want! Wait for it to dry, apply a second coat if needed, let that dry and then you can simply get a penny and scratch off the panel .

That's it, as simple as that! When the sticky back plastic or laminated area gets painted, its not properly formed on the card, meaning a simple scratch with a penny and the dried paint shrivels up and scratches off, just like shop brought scratch cards!

I would love to see some designs if anyone ever has a go at making their own scratch cards!

Until next time,

Jade x


  1. It seems that more and more people are turning to making their own scratch cards these days. I must say, I love your tutorial. It definitely set me off on the right path. Best of luck to you.