Thursday 28 May 2015

Living With A Secret and A Deep Regret.

I've kind of been hiding a big secret for many years now, not just to bloggers but anyone who doesn't know me and who's seen pictures of me - I've been hiding my smile or rather my teeth!

I was 11 years old when I noticed something strange going on with my teeth, above my two front teeth I noticed there was two teeth, one either side of my mouth starting to grow out of my gums. The Centre Of Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire has this quote on their website ''Wouldn't life be better if we all smiled more'' and I couldn't agree more!

Growing up, we was always told how important oral hygiene was and so I panicked thinking I had done something wrong for this to be happening. My parents told us children on a daily basis what would happen if we didn't look after our teeth and how important it was to value our set of adult teeth, as they was the teeth we would grow with throughout our lifetime.

Toothbrushes was regularly changed, and as we grew with age, so did the toothpaste and brushes we used. We had regular dentist appointments to check everything was okay, and it's something I've made sure I keep on check with Spud too.

As I was saying above, I was 11 when I noticed two teeth growing from the top of my gums, and as soon as I showed my parents, they booked me in for a dentist check up, where it was confirmed two adult teeth were indeed growing from the top of my gums, and not where they should be growing.

I was referred to the orthodontist and in time my appointment come round, the plan was for me to have two teeth removed, and braces fitted so eventually the two new teeth growing at the top of my gums would be pushed down into the gap where the two removed teeth once sat. However I was terrified of needles, and with a glimpse of a massive needle, I shot out of that dental chair quicker than you could shout hello!

I never did go back, and now at the age of 25, with teeth all over the place and unstraightened teeth (to say the least), I have never regretted anything so much in my life! It's a regret I live with on a daily basis, and a regret that affects me in so so many ways! I never smile in photo's, I always pout or half smile, making sure I never show my teeth! If on the rare occasion I show my teeth, I make sure the camera is selfie facing and then I can see exactly what teeth are on show, ensuring my extra teeth aren't on show!

My parents did try there hardest to get me to go back to the orthodontist, but I was a scared and stubborn teenager who now knows how silly and stupid I was being!

If I could give anyone with children advice, it would be to show them pictures of how bad teeth can be if they don't look after their teeth and take important interest in their oral hygiene. You only have one set of adult teeth, so please do look after them!

Until next time,
Jada x


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