Thursday 28 May 2015

How cancer research can be a family investment

Cancer is a tragic ordeal for families because of the stress, pain and suffering involved. The financial burden of treatment is devastating in its own way. Patients may even choose to forgo lifesaving treatments in order to lessen the financial burden. Lack of funds should not be a deciding factor if someone is suffering from a terrible disease. Safer and less expensive treatments are a possibility if researchers continue to study cancer as in depth as possible. More research now means less suffering and financial devastation later on. Here are some of the ways that cancer research can be an investment in your family's future.

The odds of cancer striking you or someone you love are too great

There are many theories as to why cancer is so prevalent in modern society even though we have advanced our medical knowledge immensely over the years. Cancer is a very complicated disease that is not just due to the overall increase in life span. In some cases, environmental factors, genetics, or substance abuse can be leading factors. Cancer statistics are alarming. It is estimated that one in three people will suffer from a form of cancer in their lifetime.

Research is the path to a cure

Many brilliant people have dedicated themselves to finding a cure for the major types of cancers. Great strides have been made, but there is much more that has to be explored before an affordable and effective cure is available for everyone. Extensive research continues to be conducted, but as with the treatments, it can be expensive to continue and can take a lot of time.

Cancer can wipe out savings quickly

One of the big hurdles with cancer treatments is that they are expensive to receive. While healthcare plans can help with this cost, those being treated often exhaust the spending limits of their healthcare plan rapidly. Wages can be completely lost or reduced if an adult family member is diagnosed. If an affordable cure were available, then these sorts of tragic circumstances would not occur. As it stands, however, cancer can take away from the future generations of a family.

Donations of all sizes help

Great changes can be made when people come together and show a certain level of passionate support for a cause. Even small donations can really add up and make a difference. Some people may want to volunteer time to raise funds or help provide emotional and administrative support. Contact local organizations for even more volunteer opportunities in your area.

Better research now could save a loved ones life tomorrow

Your donation will no doubt help fight cancer today, but it could also mean that a loved one doesn't have to suffer through cancer later. Donations help ensure that in the future, when someone is diagnosed with cancer, he or she will receive more effective and affordable treatments than what is available now. A united effort to eradicate cancer will make the world a better place for everyone.

A cure or better treatments will help lower insurance premiums

Lower insurance premiums and healthcare costs can save private and public healthcare budgets an enormous amount of money, which benefits everyone. With the current astronomical costs of cancer treatment, many families are left destitute simply by caring for their loved ones. Any way to ease the financial burden placed on cancer patients and their families will make a difference.

The Curie Institute: dedicated to the treatment and eradication of cancer

The many research teams at the Curie Institute are studying every aspect of cancer. Teams dedicated to studying the morphology and development of tumors are learning more about how cancer grows. Immunology teams are working towards preventive measures to reduce cancer rates worldwide. These teams collaborate and share data among one another to work towards a common cause: the global eradication of cancer. The Curie Institute offers financial support to families that cannot afford treatments. Through donations from private donors, they are combating cancer from every side. The organization also helps families cope with the emotional devastation that comes with cancer.

A beacon of hope

Those that donate funds, volunteer, or dedicate themselves to research are beacons of hope for people suffering from cancer and those close to a cancer patient. It is important that organizations fill the financial and emotional gap left by cancer so that people can lead brighter and more productive lives in the future. Together, we can stop cancer from destroying the happiness and livelihood of those around us.

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