Thursday 17 September 2015

Welcoming the Autumn Season!

I think it's safe to say we are all fully aware that Autumn is approaching, what with the cold weather taking over and the sky getting darker earlier it's not hard to miss is it? My boilers been on constantly recently, and the slow cooker has been used so much I think it's going to need a new fuse soon enough, we've already said goodbye to salads until next year and welcomed in the stews and casseroles!

There's not only the changes we experience in the household is there though? Its our bodies and fashion that need consideration too! Away goes the hayfever remedies and out come the cold and flu tablets, the tissues can remain, but maybe stock up on a box or two extra just case! That lovely maxi dress you've been living in can safely be tucked away into the corner of the wardrobe, and out comes the thick wooly tights!

I must admit I'm having a difficult time saying goodbye to my favourite pair of dolly shoes though! It's not because I don't want to admit that Summer is well and truly over, but it is however due to the fact that apart from more pairs of dolly shoes and sandals, but because I don't have any appropriate footwear for the colder months!

It's not quite the season for thick winter boots, especially with all the rain that's been dropping from the skies recently, they'll just end up soaking wet, ruined and eventually damp! Trainers however are suitable all year round, they'll keep my feet dry and warm, and are so so comfortable!

The only thing is, I've not worn trainers in years, 12 years to be precise and I've got no idea where to start! I've been reading lots of reviews and have seen the positive thoughts in regards to Adidas Originals, which is great for me because M and M Direct who I have an account with, have loads of styles for me to choose from!

Then there's the coats to think about, and the jumpers, hats, gloves and scarfs! Let's not forget the rise in bills as well, as if I don't pay out enough on bills they're only going to get higher! I'm going to spend more on electric as we spend more time indoors, I'll also have to use the tumble dryer much more as the line will hardly be usable, and then there's the cost of the gas as we prepare to live with the heating on 24/7!

Actually, I'm not looking forward to welcoming in Autumn at all! Can we just freeze time please?

Until next time,
Jada x


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