Thursday 10 September 2015

Babies: The Things You Really Need To Know!

When you become pregnant, or plan to have a baby, all people want to talk about is how painful the birth can be and how sleepless nights are about to roll in. I'm sure anyone with a common sense of knowledge is aware, from the millions of stories they've already heard of how painful childbirth is. I'm also sure they know they're in for some sleepless nights, babies sleep a lot, but they still wake up whenever they want to.

It's rare to hear of the good things that come after the morning sickness and the heartburn during the pregnancy stages, and what about the good pregnancy stages like how amazing your skin and hair become!? People shouldn't worry about not being able to see their toes, because soon, they'll have a beautiful baby, or babies if you're carrying multiples to stare at - forever.

Don't ask me why anyone would want to stare at their own feet anyway!

People don't spend enough time telling new and expecting parents about the joys after birth, yep you go through a lot of pain, and you'll most probably be in pain for a few weeks after, but the end result is amazing, pure perfectness, all down to you.

What I want to know is why no one warns parents of all the nappies you'll need to change? Or how many spare outfits you'll need to carry with you, and let's not forget, you really should buy a washing machine and just store it somewhere in case of an emergency, when I say emergency I mean the washing machine breaking down on you when your washing pile has took over the whole laundry room.

You most probably have got a basket in the laundry room somewhere, but you can't remember because you've not seen the basket in so long! You can do as much washing as you want, the pile will never get down - NEVER! This doesn't stop when they're babies either I'm afraid, the amount of times Spud's gone through two outfits in one day is uncountable, he's nine, it still happens, it still will happen! Get that spare washing machine in asap!

Ever thought you could bypass the whole baby changing bag? Think again, that bag that sits on your shoulder, will be your life saviour on so many occasions. It carries nappies, wetwipes, spare clothes, breast pads, your phone, your keys, spare clothes for the baby, bottles, formula, food and about a million and one receipts, throw in 15 baby toys and teethers, and there's your perfect changing bag!

Oh and don't think for one second the baby will want one of those 15 toys or teethers, Spud much prefered to play with the remote control or my phone when he was a baby. Say goodbye to your possessions, nothing is yours anymore, I realised that when Spud pulled every single key off my laptop keyboard at 21 months old!

Never leave Sudocrem or anything similar lying about either. If you change the baby's nappy, make sure you take the sudocrem to the bin with you. Hunting for a nappy bag in my never ending supply of baby items one day, I return to the front room to find Spud, who couldn't even crawl with Sudocrem everywhere! All over him, and all over the front room!
If you think you've stocked up on enough baby essentials, you're wrong. You can never have enough! I still use wet wipes now, Spud's nine, but they're still my best friend! They get rid of everything, from sticky ice cream chops, sand in the toes, and boogers up the nose, they're great for mums too!

As you can see, I'm not one of those mums who will put you off because of the pain, although it is extremely painful, but I'm one of those who tell you the truth. They're beautiful, amazing and perfect, they teach us things we never knew (like babies don't have to crawl to cause chaos!) and they're our little darlings, to love, protect and cherish forever!

However, be prepared for never ending supplies, be prepared to say goodbye to your bedroom, it's not yours anymore, it's the babies. The money you was saving for a holiday, now needs to be spent on a new washer to have as a back up, and you don't have time to apply make up and do your hair anymore!

Until next time,
The honest mummy - Jada!


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