Wednesday 9 September 2015

Learning To Be More Patient!

When we moved into the house, it was quite plain to see that there was more than decoration that needed to be done. I don't think the walls had seen plaster since the house was built, which was at least 40 years ago! The doors were rotten, and the floors all needed to come up. With the state of the structure inside and out, I don't believe it was the previous tenant who had caused such, but instead, just years and years of neglect from most people who've lived here.

Whenever I've moved in the past, it's been a case of re-decorating the place to my requirement, and then laying flooring, however, here I've needed to plaster, I've needed to lay new flooring down everywhere, replace every single light fitting, had electric work carried out, I've had to replace skirting boards and every single door in the property, including the front door!

One of the things I needed replacing was the radiators, and although I've only been able to do two for now (the bathroom and living room), I'm looking forward to getting the rest of them done, instead of looking at rust, I'll be looking at brand new white radiators! However, after replacing the living room radiator I'm not looking forward to the task at all!

I admittingly rushed through everyone who could help me when we first moved, it was a month until Christmas, and we'd unpacked one box - the kettle and cups! I wanted at least one nice room to celebrate Christmas in, and that was to be the front room! Rushing through the plastering, a friend accidentally forgot to stop the water coming through the radiators when he took my old living room radiator off the wall, so dirty water sprayed all over my brand new, freshly plastered and painted walls.

Not only did the walls get ruined, but also my stereo player and broadband router as they was temporarily housed on my coffee table. I needed the internet to work, not being able to afford missing out on work so close to Christmas, and the stereo was there for means of entertainment for everyone helping me out. However due to the water, both items was ruined.

Luckily, I've got insurance, and was able to make a claim, rather then forking out the cost of a new router and stereo player right before Christmas and right in the midst of a house move! My broadband provider had literally only been here just four days before fitting my new internet connection, and just four days later, I had no internet due to no router!

I couldn't blame my friend, it was me rushing everyone to get my house done for me, so I took full liability! However, another accident happened involving my friend when my outside light got damaged, we couldn't get into it, and so tried to use a drill to undo the screw, and it cracked the glass, unfortunately, the outside light isn't covered by my insurance, but luckily, it's just the glass that needs replacing!

I've learnt my lesson now, and that's to be patient, not to stress and rush people, especially when they're people who are helping me! I've also learned to update my list of valuables with my home insurance provider!

Until next time,
Jada x


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