Friday 25 September 2015

Moving Out & Furnishing Your Home Without A Silver Spoon!

When you first move out of your parents home, unless you was born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or had a few thousand pounds saved up, chances are, you'll be moving into a empty home with only the clothes and DVDs you own, along with a few cups your grandparents have kindly donated to your new home, and a portable television unit that's possibly as old as yourself.

I remember when me and Spud first moved out of my dads house, I had a tiny amount of money saved up, but nothing much when it comes to everything you need to buy! I luckily got my main electrical appliances off my mum, like my oven, fridge, and freezer but the rest I had to skimp and save for.

When guest come to visit, they wasn't given the option to seat on a sofa, but instead offered a garden chair from the ones my nan and dad had lent me until I could afford to buy sofas. Don't get me wrong, my parents were more than happy to lend me the money and help where they could, as was other family members, but I didn't want everything handed to me on a plate, and so I dealt with them hard and uncomfortable garden chairs until I had enough to buy my sofas!

I wasn't as thrifty back then as I was nowadays, being broke a few times since adulthood has led me to look for bargains, and be more savvy when it comes to spending money. If there's an item I wan't, you'll be sure to find me searching high and low through results on a search engine trying my best to find the product as cheap as chips - not literally of course!

There are many sites and articles that are informative around if you look for them, there's no point trying to save money if you don't do your research and crumble at the first price you see! There's also no shame in buying second hand, HomeLet have a brilliant money saving article here which advises on four ways how to avoid the shops! It was only from this article that I found out about a police auction site! When the police can't trace down owners of items that they've recovered, they sell them on!

They do say one 'mans' junk is another mans treasure, though I'm a woman and the same applies to me. When I first moved out, I accepted a chest of drawers of a local freecycle, with much appreciation, and in return over the years, I've donated many items to similar sites and charity shops. It's nice to return the favour as month after month I see people posting adverts on them just moving into their own home and having nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Like I said when I started this article, if you wasn't born with a silver spoon or thousands in your bank accounts, you'll basically have nothing, and we've all got to start somewhere!

Remember to do your research when looking for anything! Also don't settle for the first item you see, check out reviews and price compare whenever possible! A penny saved is a penny towards a pound!

Jada x


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