Monday 21 September 2015

6 Rewarding Careers That Give Back To Community.

When it comes to deciding on a new career, try thinking about it from another perspective—don’t think about what you can gain, but rather what you can give. Careers that give back to the community are the perfect avenue to pursue if you want to achieve this, with learning environments such as Careers Australia offering a range of courses for those up-skilling or starting from scratch. Below are six rewarding suggestions.

1. Aged Care

Working in aged care can be a daunting experience for some, as you are working first-hand with people who are moving towards the end of their lives. Gaining a qualification in this industry will teach you how to care for older people with complex physical and emotional needs, and support them and their families through this challenging time.

2. Nursing

Another rewarding career is nursing. This industry is great for those that like a bit of diversity—if you work in a hospital, no two days will be the same, from a simple blood test through to a complicated procedure. Nursing doesn’t just offer the chance to give back to your own community either, but also to the communities of other nations who might be experiencing adverse circumstances; for example, working as a nurse in a disaster zone.

3. Disability Services

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the physical or mental capacity to do everything the world has to offer, but it doesn’t mean they still can’t live life to its fullest. A career in disability services will teach you how to do just that by helping you to support disabled individuals through planned activities, care and contributing to their overall wellbeing.

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4. Counselling

Counselling is not an easy job to take on, but if you’re someone who has a calm nature, the ability to listen without judgement, and to be empathic with others, then this is the career for you. From welfare organisations to youth and child services, you have a number of avenues to choose from, based on what situations you feel you’d be best equipped to handle.

5. Health Services Assistance

Working as an assistant in health services offers an array of opportunities for those wanting to give back. A career in this industry will provide you with the chance to work in large environments such as operating theatres, smaller community centres and surgeries.

6. Home Care

For a career with a real sense of giving back directly to the people in your community, a qualification in home and community care is the path for you. This type of course will show you how best to care for people who are still living in their own home, from looking after their personal care, to helping with basic activities such as food preparation and going for a walk.

Too often people spend their lives trying to find the perfect job, only to be left unsatisfied in yet another position. Dedicating part of your life to the wellbeing, care, and happiness of another person or community will be hard work, but one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

What do you think would be the most challenging career out of the suggestions above, and why?

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