Wednesday 9 September 2015

Doing Our Best To Help Others Out.

With the world crises going on amongst us, it's been making me think of ways to help charity and although I don't have much money to donate, I know I have a lot, actually an awful lot of clothes! My wardrobe is overflowing, my chest of drawers are full and even the drawers belonging to my dressing table are housing my clothing items at the moment.

Then there's the shoes and accessories also, that are quite frankly all over my room, or should I say all over my house! Coming across the infographic below from Bedroom Storage Maker the provider of wardrobe storage systems, I was shocked to read the average female has around £1200 of unworn clobber laying around, that's like the cost of a family holiday!

I was also pleased to find out where our donated clothing items go to, with Poland, Ghana and Pakistan receiving the most of donated goods, whilst the Netherlands receive around 4% of donated clothing. It was also interesting to read that many countries rely on the second hand clothing market as their own textile industries have declined.

With the recent crises going on all over the world, I pledge to each and everyone about having a clear out. Anything you've not worn in a long time can surely be donated? You can donate to the charity of your choice, but first of all do make sure they accept clothing donations! Alternatively, why not locate your nearest charity shop and donate your unwanted clothing to them?

You'll not only be having a clear out, that many of us tend to put off for so long, but you'll be helping others in a charitable way too!

Until next time,
Jada x


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