Friday 18 September 2015

Myths and Regrets, a True Story.

When I was younger, I remember sitting really close to the television and being told by not only my parents, but my grandparents to, that I would have bad eyes when I was older. I'm not sure if there was any truth in their sayings, or if it was just a myth, but what I do know, is that I have really bad eyes, and have done since the age of 11.

Spud and me - wearing glasses.
I first recall the moment I knew I needed glasses when I started secondary school, I was sat quite far away from the whiteboard in which we was suppose to be copying notes from, but couldn't for the life of me read or even make out what words was written on to the board.

I went home and told my parents who took me that weekend to get my eyes tested, and ever since I've been a full time glasses wearer. When I turned 16, I was allowed to wear contact lenses, and being quite paranoid about wearing glasses, I started to wear contact lenses all the time, however, turning 23 and having my annual eye test made me realise how much my eyes had got worse, and not better.

Me wearing contact lenses.
I don't know if the decrease in my vision was from contact lenses or not, but I was advised to start wearing glasses again, and to give the contact lenses a lengthy break as my eyes were really dry and starved from oxygen. However, I was still really paranoid about wearing glasses, knowing it would take the ounce of confidence I had, so I booked in for a free eye test and took advantage of savings on designer glasses!

Now, a few years not only older, but wiser, I realise how stupid I'd been for so many years. Confidence played a massive part in my choice of not wearing glasses, but now I'm paying for it at a price - my eye sight. I do worry about my vision, because of how bad it already is at my age.

If there's one little bit of advice I would give to anyone who has the slightest bit of vision problem, it would be to make sure you always, always wear your glasses. You'll suffer in the long run and only regret your choices, as I do!

Until next time,
Jada x


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